Licensed Operations

INTRALOT is the leading gaming technology supplier worldwide and has taken the lottery industry to a new level since its inception in 1992. The company is both a partner of licensed gaming operators, providing a full range of state-of-the-art products and services and a licensed gaming operator in its own right, operating in several countries around the world. The company thus has the experience of a successful operator coupled with expertise in the latest technological developments in the lottery sector.

INTRALOT started to operate in worldwide jurisdictions after receiving governmental licenses for their gaming markets. Since then INTRALOT has successfully moved from B2B operation to B2C, a move that has helped the company obtain expert insight and a comprehensive overview of the whole gaming operation. It has also established itself as one of the leading sports betting operators in the world, with a total sportsbook that exceeds $5.8 billion. The company currently boasts more than twenty operations worldwide and is now also leading the way in the new interactive era of gaming with its subsidiary, INTRALOT Interactive.

INTRALOT’s outstanding track record is also the result of the unique marketing services it offers to its clients and customers: complete market development strategies and services as well as concrete marketing plans and proposals, all based on thorough market research studies and analyses. It currently holds one of the richest gaming portfolios and has acquired the reputation for being the most flexible and well-positioned partner for lotteries around the globe.

Approaching the gaming business from an operator's point of view has made INTRALOT the leading company in its sector, providing advanced organizational and operational solutions. Designed to fully meet future growth requirements, INTRALOT offers a wide range of retail network services, assistance on a 24x7x365 basis and a broad portfolio of operational services that entails training, financial consulting, maintenance and support, telecommunications and consumables management services.