In today’s changeable economic environment, INTRALOT Group believes that it is imperative for businesses, community organizations and individuals to work together and to work with government to provide the education, technology, R&D and infrastructure that will ensure sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

Drawing from its corporate strategy of sustainable leadership, INTRALOT’s corporate social responsibility strategy is to create shared value for all its stakeholders. The creation of shared value requires a focus on sustainability activities that engage the communities where we operate as well as relevant stakeholders and that advance the company’s strategic objectives, by leveraging corporate resources, products and technologies.

The aim of the strategy is both to enhance positive impacts of business operations on society –through the creation of wealth for social causes or the innovation and new products, technologies and services that are beneficial to society and to enterprises themselves – and to minimize and prevent negative impacts.

INTRALOT CSR Program has defined five essential elements:

1. Contribution to Local Communities

INTRALOT’s program of contribution to local communities,INTRALOT-We care a Lot, is an integrated and targeted CSR program that seeks to engage relevant stakeholders in the evaluation of needs and definition of action priorities for social intervention. The goal of stakeholder partnerships is to advance the development of local communities where the company operates, through the transfer of technology and know-how, through the employment and specialized training of the local workforce, and through social responsibility initiatives that aim at advancing education and human capital; supporting social welfare and human development; and preserving cultural heritage.

2. Corporate Governance

Compliance with rules and corporate or industry standards, codes of conduct, memberships, certifications;

3. Responsible Gaming Policy and Program

INTRALOT has adopted Responsible Gaming as a key element of its Corporate Responsibility strategy. As a leader of the gaming sector, one of the most dynamic industries of the world economy, INTRALOT’s foremost CSR material issue is to ensure that gaming, either land-based, mobile, or on the internet, is done responsibly and safely.

As a supplier of gaming products and services, INTRALOT has developed the enabling technologies and the operational know-how required to implement industry best-practice Responsible Gaming strategy and program tailored to the needs of customers and/or players in any jurisdiction globally;

4. Social Responsibility towards our Employees

Corporate employee policies and procedures that seek to offer its staff a stable and favorable working environment that maximizes the talent of company professionals, motivates them to excel in their functions, and supports their professional and personal development

5. Sustainability of our planet

INTRALOT has developed a company-wide system that monitors our environmental performance and regularly engages or facilitates green initiatives that are relevant to its operations and have an impact on local communities.



INTRALOT Sustainability Report


CSR Contact

Ms. Chryssa Amanatidou
Senior Manager of Public Relations & CSR

Phone: (+30) 210 61 56 000
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