Press Release


INTRALOT SA, the second biggest international gaming company, today announces its financial results for the twelve-month period ending December 31st, 2006, prepared in accordance with IFRS. INTRALOT achieved a high growth rate both in its revenues and profits, as follows:

Consolidated Revenues for the period reached €791.4 m, posting a 51.3% increase compared to 2005 (€ 523 m). Earnings Before Taxes (EBT) excluding stock option costs, recorded an increase of 56.2% y-o-y by reaching €235.1 m compared to €150.5 m in 2005 while including stock option costs increased to € 223.6 m., 48.6% higher in comparison with 2005. EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization) excluding stock option costs increased by 59.2% to €254.8 m, compared to € 160 m the same period last year, while including stock option costs increased to € 243.3 m compared to € 160 m the same period in 2005.

Total International Revenues for the INTRALOT Group amounted to €595.4m, or 75.2% of total Group sales, compared with €390.9m in 2005, posting a y-o-y increase of 52.3%. International operations contributed a total of €155.6m or 69.5% to group EBT vs. €90.7m in 2005, posting a y-o-y increase of 71.6%.

Revenues for the parent company increased to €231.1m in 2006, 86.8% higher year-on-year (2005: €123.7m), where Earnings Before Taxes (EBT) excluding stock option costs reached €109.2 m in 2006, posting a 45.2% y-o-y increase (2005: € 75.2 m) while including stock option costs reached € 97.7 m, posting a 29,9%
y-o-y increase.

Commenting on 12-month 2006 results INTRALOT’s CEO, Constantinos Antonopoulos, noted: “INTRALOT achieved in 2006 strong growth rates, for one more year, posting very strong growth rates in both the top-line and net line compared to 2005. This establishes INTRALOT as the second largest company in the global sector in terms of both revenues and profits. The Company continued its international expansion by enriching its project portfolio with new significant contracts in 2006 such as Taiwan, South Africa, Philippines, and Australia. Moreover, the Company obtained a significant number of licenses in the recently opened Italian fixed-odds betting market.

As a result of the last year’s successful performance, the Company will distribute a total dividend of €0.66 per share, increased by 20% compared to that of 2005.

Concerning the outlook of the Company, major developments are in progress in the international gaming sector such as lottery privatization projects especially in the US and in other countries. Moreover, the liberalization of gaming markets started in Italy recently and is expected to continue in Spain and in other countries as well.

The opportunities in the sector, the new contracts and the growth potential from the Company’s established operations will further enhance INTRALOT’s leading global position and increase its shareholders value.”


INTRALOT, a public company listed on the ASE, is the 2nd biggest supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content and value added services to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide. It’s broad portfolio of products & services, its know-how of Lottery, Betting & Video Lottery operations, its experience in sports games and its leading-edge technology, give INTRALOT a competitive advantage, which contributes directly to customers’ efficiency, profitability and growth. With 40 subsidiaries, 7 business offices, more than 3,600 people and revenues of €791,4 m. for 2006, INTRALOT’s footprint straddles five continents.