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INTRALOT CanvasTM is an innovative and integrated content management platform allowing centralized management and control of content distribution for multiple game verticals across all sales channels. INTRALOT CanvasTM is an 'all-in-one' gaming platform that came to deliver a unified customer experience combined with the highest level of personalization.

The INTRALOT CanvasTM platform capabilities include:

i. User friendly, dynamic content management
ii. Portal framework architecture to rapidly aggregate applications and services while offering a high level of customization and personalization to the users
iii. Support for multi-channel and multi-device delivery
iv. Pre integrated INTRALOT managed and 3rd party gaming content

INTRALOT spent effort to create a content management system with responsive design and flexible layout in order to cover all device viewports available in the market. INTRALOT CanvasTM portals carry a simple, elegant and functional user-friendly interface that deliver the best player experience according to the portal's accessing channel.

Centralized management and advanced content delivery platform

The main benefit of INTRALOT CanvasTM is that it works as a "three in one" tool, when compared with other CMS platforms:

1. INTRALOT CanvasTM addresses specifically Lotteries and iGaming operators and was built for their operational requirements leaving behind all the unnecessary features of other CMS focusing on operational efficiency. Its structure is clear, easy to use and ready to cover all needs of a Lottery and iGaming operator, supporting multiple game verticals, like iLottery, sports betting, bingo, casino and games, across all sales channels.

2. Personalization through an exclusive A/B testing tool. Customers have an embedded A/B testing tool in their platform. Every action related with the A/B testing process can be accomplished using the relevant tools of the platform. This approach enables specific metrics and personalization, since it's possible to differentiate the groups of visitors using detailed actions of each one and deliver them the promoted content they are most interested in.

3. Unique integration with Google Analytics. INTRALOT CanvasTM integrates with Google analytics and represents the results from metrics in a specially designed interface (dashboards). Having such an integrated tool in a CMS platform is very important in measuring the effectiveness of every aspect of the operator's portal and optimizing the conversion rates, which have a huge impact on the sales bottom line at minimum expense.


You can download the brochure here