Press Release


 INTRALOT, Inc. and the Nebraska Lottery have amended their contract to provide pass-through instant ticket processing for the Nebraska Lottery.  Under the agreement, Nebraska Lottery Scratch tickets will be validated through the on-line game (Lotto) terminals currently provided by INTRALOT.
Merging the functionality of the Scratch and Lotto systems into a single piece of equipment will enable Nebraska Lottery retailers to serve customers more efficiently by eliminating the need to use a separate Scratch ticket validation terminal.  Sales and validation reports for Scratch and Lotto games will be available through the Lotto terminal’s display and printer, which operate using touch-screen technology.
The unified system will save retailers and players time, as Scratch ticket validations will be transacted via the same live satellite link used by the Lotto terminal as opposed to the land-line dial-up link currently used for Scratch ticket processing.
In addition to saving time for players and retailers, and reducing the amount of counter space required for retailer equipment, the agreement will enhance retailer security by validating Scratch tickets (and processing credit for validations) in real-time through the on-line terminal rather than through batch processing currently offered via the dial-up network.
  “We are very pleased with this agreement,” said Nebraska Lottery Director Jim Haynes.  “It was a cooperative effort between the Lottery and our vendors who normally compete with one another. Not only will this pass-through arrangement save time and space for existing Nebraska Lottery retailers, we believe it will make selling Lottery tickets more appealing to prospective new retailers and enable the Nebraska Lottery to continue the growth of recent years in the amount of proceeds transferred to beneficiary funds”.
INTRALOT CEO, Mr Constantinos Antonopoulos said: “We are extremely pleased with this amended contract, which further strengthens our already well-established cooperation with the Nebraska Lottery”.
Tom Little, INTRALOT Inc’s President & CEO stated “Our LOTOS O/S™ with its open standards allows us to easily integrate with virtually any third party system. This pass-through agreement affords us the opportunity to continue to expand our services on the scratch side of the business in the North American market. We are very pleased that we will be able to assist the Nebraska Lottery in its efforts to provide superior service to its Retailers and increase the proceeds raised for their beneficiaries” .


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