KENO 603 is now on sale! , Fivi Rondiri, Corporate Marketing Manager, INTRALOT USA

On Friday, December 15, 2017, New Hampshire became the 19th state to offer Keno. The game, which is administered by the New Hampshire Lottery, is on sale daily with drawings from 11 AM to 11 PM every five minutes. Moreover, the game is only permitted to be played in pouring establishments - those with a liquor license- such as bars, restaurants, social clubs, brew pubs, ballrooms and even some sports venues.

The New Hampshire Legislature authorized the game in July 2017 to raise money for full-day kindergarten but left it up to each community to decide whether to allow it. During municipal city elections this past November, residents in seven cities (out of 13) across New Hampshire approved the sale of KENO 603. In addition, 57 out of 76 municipal towns approved KENO 603 in the first quarter of 2018.

Towns and cities with full-day kindergarten programs will get the state money regardless whether they have KENO 603 in their communities. The state currently offers school districts $1,800 per student for kindergarten enrollment, or half the grant provided for $3,600 for students in grades 1-12. With the approval of KENO 603, districts will get at least $1,100 per kindergarten student and more if KENO 603 revenue increases over time.

KENO 603 is on sale now in about 100 bars and restaurants and the New Hampshire Lottery is adding new sales locations weekly. It is expected that about 250 of the 2,000 eligible bars, restaurants and other liquor-license holders across the state will have KENO 603, generating over $9 million per year.

So far, KENO 603 sales have surpassed original estimations. On average, KENO 603 players are spending about 15% more per location than predicted. Just this past March, total monthly sales surpassed the $1.2 million ceiling with the majority of those sales (about 88% of total KENO 603 wagers) originating from the MP™ self-service terminals.

To play KENO 603, players choose from 1 to 12 numbers (spots), and every five minutes a computer randomly generates and displays 20 winning numbers from 1 to 80 on a monitor. A player may place a wager from $1 to $25 per game. The more numbers players match, the more they win.

New Hampshire’s KENO 603 retailers receive an 8% sales commission – the highest in the country – as well as additional bonuses. Along with KENO 603, these new retailers are also able to sell all other draw lottery games.

Sherri Spencer, owner of 2 Doors Down in Somersworth, NH, said guests are staying longer as they play KENO 603, and guests are coming back more frequently. “It’s been great. I’ve had new customers say they didn’t even know we were here before we offered KENO 603. And our regulars love it as well. We’re busier than ever, so much so that I’ve had to hire a new part-time cook and a part-time bartender, which is good news,” Spencer said. “Some guests will play for quite a while, while others will come in and play for a few minutes or come buy tickets and then come back the next day. Overall, traffic is really up,” Spencer added.

The INTRALOT team supported the launch of KENO 603 by assisting the New Hampshire Lottery with its recruitment efforts while also ensuring that all new approved KENO retailers had all terminals deployed and ready to sell. Furthermore, the INTRALOT team led all retailer training efforts.

INTRALOT would like to congratulate our customers and partners the New Hampshire Lottery for the smooth go-live on December 15! It was the result of months of hard work of the whole team. A big shout-out to everybody that worked and it is still working on the project!

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