Reply to a letter of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission no 1048/2019

The societe anonyme under the name "INTRALOT S.A. - INTEGRATED LOTTERY SYSTEMS AND SERVICES" ("INTRALOT"), in response to no. 1048 / 14.03.2019 letter of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on electronic publications, as well as the publication of the website "Euro2day" titled "The merger plan of the four companies of the Intracom group in one" and "Bankingnews" titled " On the stock rally of Kokkalis’ shares - Rumors and Fundamentals ", informs the investing public that the publications do not respond to reality.
Due to the large number of publications referring to INTRALOT, in order to protect the investing public and honor the public's trust, in accordance with the applicable legislation, the company assures that it promptly makes appropriate announcements relating to events or situations, the publication of which is reasonably expected to affect its stock market in accordance with applicable law.