Lotos Xi

A powerful solution for Digital Lotteries

The powerful solution meets the needs of Digital Lotteries to drive innovation and provide a unified player experience.

Lotos Xi, the latest state-of-the-art digital lottery solution of INTRALOT, is designed to drive efficiency of the Lottery operators and provide a unified player experience, by offering fast and engaging content in a simplified manner across channels.

Lotos Xi enables the operator to define and offer subscriptions for any available game and manage its content, allowing full localization and parametrization of the user interface. Characterized by an omni-channel philosophy and offering a wide range of innovative and engaging games, along with player experience personalization through data analytics, creates value both for the operator and the player.

Like all next-generation INTRALOT solutions, Lotos Xi is infrastructure-agnostic with an architecture that safeguards the seamless integration with existing platforms and ensures end-to-end integrity and responsible gaming. Its seamless integration with Lotos X Orchestrator enables a set of independent microservices which ensures fast and easy integration with the Lotos X family of products and any 3rd-party platforms/systems, allowing a best-of-breed approach and quick time-to-market. It is an end-to-end solution offered on cloud, on-premise, or hybrid configurations.