The perfect fit in any sales location

The Coronis MP (multi-purpose) is our innovative floor-based self-service terminal with a contemporary design that ensures a perfect fit in any sales location. Its eye-catching exterior wrap with exciting graphics and striking logos reinforces the fun element associated with any gaming brand, boosting retail sales to non-traditional, younger player segments. It can be placed in any indoor semi-attended location enabling players to participate in lottery, sports betting, video lottery, virtual racing, monitor and instant win games, without retailer intervention. Moreover, it fully complies with the Americans Disabilities Act.

The Coronis MP features dual 19” displays, a lower one with touchscreen functionality dedicated to gameplay and a top screen displaying game-related information, live streaming and lottery promotional content. This multi-purpose terminal can further be armed with a play slip scanner, 1D/2D barcode reader, high speed kiosk thermal printer, audio system, smart card reader, bill validator and coin acceptor. In essence, the Coronis MP is an ideal and cost-effective solution for attracting new players while meeting the needs of registered players who tend to prefer cashless gaming.

Product Description

Offered services:

• Self-service gaming
• Autonomous game information
• Round the clock advertising / digital signage

Supported games:

• Lottery
• Sports Betting
• Virtual Racing
• Monitor
• Instant Win

Key benefits:

• Placement flexibility: Coronis’ compact chassis and autonomous operation allows it to be easily placed in indoor semi-attended locations like hotel and airport lobbies, bars, clubs, shopping malls, mini-markets, etc.
• Sales and loyalty increase: enriches player experiences on more occasions without further staff involvement.
• Player base expansion: appeals to all, including young, tech-savvy generations and impulsive individuals
• Speedier, more efficient in-store service: Self-reliant participation translates to a decrease in countertop workload, shorter queues and minimization of in-store bottlenecks
• Modernizes ‘brick and mortar’ outlets: Its customizable design features a full polycarbonate graphic exterior wrap with custom logo printings for ensuring a perfect fit in diversified POS environments

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