The landmark of lottery terminals

Photon is the industry’s leading lottery terminal and the first full-size retailer terminal to successfully utilize image scanning technology for reading playslips and barcodes of any kind. The total absence of moving parts together with our patented ICON Digital Imaging technology takes efficiency, reliability, speed and ease-of-use to a whole new level, as attested by retailers all over the world. Moreover, it fully complies with the Americans Disabilities Act.

Photon offers the smallest footprint in its class, top-notch processing power and a unique modular architecture, combined with many options and add-ons. Its innovative ICON Digital Imaging system is by far the simplest and most effortless scanning method available. Its 15-inch touchscreen display is easily viewable from a wide variety of heights and angles and adjustable up to 48 degrees using a secure hinge mechanism. Photon reads playslips and tickets faster than traditional scanners, while the accompanying high-performance thermal printer delivers one ticket per second.

Product Description

Offered services:
• Playslip/Betslip camera reading
• Any Barcode reading
• Ticket processing
• Value Added Services
• Wireless playslip submission

Supported games:
• Lottery
• Betting
• Scratches

Key benefits:
Increased productivity:
Photon offers high-volume processing with significantly low power consumption. Its processing unit enables rapid operations as it is based on the ARM and Intel platforms and is coupled with the patented ICON digital camera. The latter allows for accurate reading of smartphone generated QR codes, tickets, scratches and any-shape playslips up to A5 size to be dropped freely on the tray and at any possible orientation.
Photon provides superior uptime. Regardless of workloads and environmental conditions, its fan-free, ‘no moving parts’ chassis can integrate a Solid State Drive (SSD) and ensure it remains unaffected throughout its prolonged and intense lifespan.
The brander mechanism includes a uniquely designed ‘feed-through’ transport system for zero paper-jams while validating and cancelling lottery tickets.
• Minimal spatial requirements:
Photon’s ‘upside’ profile makes it much shorter than most other lottery terminals, thus leaving more space on the counter.
Wired and wireless connectivity options offer great expandability with any peripheral on demand. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, serial ports and HDMI are all included.
The tamper switch, the key lock, an i-Button Security Key and/or a fingerprint reader, all provide additional security measures.

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