The new breed of vending machines

The first of a new breed of vending machines dispensing both instant tickets and online lottery games with the simple push of a button, Winstation enables operators to merchandise any type of ticket-based gaming products in an easy and fun manner, while its striking design and rich offerings contribute towards reenergizing any traditional retail venue. Moreover, it fully complies with the Americans Disabilities Act.

With a dispensing capacity of up to 25 instant tickets and 6 quick pick games at 4 different price points, Winstation is based on PC technology and comes with a variety of optional peripherals and features, including a play slip scanner, barcode reader and multiple payment methods.

Winstation dispenses all standard ticket sizes from any of its 25 bin positions, as well as paper, foil, die cut, laminated/double-thickness and thin 70lb stock tickets, and fan folded or pouched games. Moreover, it fully complies with the Americans Disabilities Act and Title 24.

Product Description

• 8.4’’ TFT touchscreen
• Coin validator for all international denominations
• Banknote validator for all international banknotes
• Reinforced door with safety lock
• Full length door locking mechanism for extra security
• Electronic door access sensors
• Remote shut-off

Offered services:
• Self-service gaming
• Ticket checking and processing

Key benefits:
• Placement flexibility: Winstation’s autonomous operation allows it to be placed in indoor semi-attended locations like hotel and airport lobbies, bars, clubs, shopping malls, mini-markets, etc.
• Sales and loyalty increase: enriches player experiences on more occasions without further staff involvement.
• Player base expansion: appeals to all, including young, tech-savvy generations and impulsive individuals

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