Play more, touch less

ScannPlay, INTRALOT’s new digital Lottery and Betting in-store customer experience, supports unregistered player participation, allowing players to place their bet, pay and receive a digital e-ticket in their mobile without having to touch paper or money.

More specifically, players can prepare a digital selection slip using their mobile application, scan the generated QR code in a retail touchpoint, pay using a contactless payment method (i.e. credit/debit card or in-app purchase) and digitally receive an e-ticket in their mobile.

Players can use their mobile phone and select any type of game, play in various ways, view betting markets and odds and build their selection slips accordingly. When play selections are made, a QR code is created which can then be scanned in any retail touchpoint (i.e. retailer POS, Self-Service terminals, Instant Ticket Vending Machines) via a QR-code-reading functionality.

Digital e-tickets can be used for validation or replay at the same or at different retail touchpoint. Winnings are deposited in a player bank account or given back as cash (subject to local regulations). Alternatively, winnings may be used for replay actions or as gift vouchers.

Overall, ScannPlay responds to the growing need for fast, touchless and cashless gaming that facilitates betslip preparation and minimizes time in store, as selection slips can be prepared in advance.