Web and Mobile iLottery portals

Optimizing content marketing

The INTRALOT Lottery portal enable operators to offer the full lottery functionality on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Powered by INTRALOT Canvas CMS, the fully responsive HTML5 portal offers a plethora of gaming-specific widgets that allow for fast deployment and versatile configuration

• Fully responsive, mobile-first, HTML5 site

• Support of all lottery games (singe matrix, double matrix, pick-x, fast games, spiel/add-ons)

• Real time draw displays for fast draw games

• Contextual and personalized promotional banners/carousels

• Play online directly, use a shopping cart, or prepare playslip for submission at retail POS

• Ticket checker & Store Finder

• Personalization tools (segmentation engine, built-in A/B testing tool, heat maps) to adapt the content based on visitor’s profile or his past behavior within the portal, so that the player receives personalized experience

• Embedded analytics (through a full integration with Google Analytics) to measure the effectiveness of every aspect of the operator’s portal and optimizes the conversion rates, which have a huge impact on the sales bottom line at minimum expense

• SEO friendly urls and indexing mechanism for higher scoring on search results