Driven by experience and passion to shape the future

We consistently bring innovation to our Betting, Lottery and Interactive Games offerings, through our comprehensive set of advanced retail and mobile solutions, platform-enablers, content delivery and management systems, as well as CRM software. Innovation is driven by field experience and knowledge from our clients and partners and is filtered into end products incorporating the latest technology trends from the market and participation in academic and applied research projects.


With our investments in Research and Development, we believe that we are at the forefront of gaming product development. Some of our recent achievement include:

• Vast improvement of our solutions through the creation of a pre-integrated cloud-based eco-system of 3rd party games applications & services.
• Ability to absorb individual client change requests faster, through a more flexible system and at a much lower cost.
• Adoption of a flexible development approach which allows for out-sourcing of small development or testing tasks to lower-cost partners.
• Adoption of modern technologies and open-source platform components, allowing us also to be able to benefit more in the future by technological advances driven by the leading internet and cloud companies which are now more and more the significant technology innovators.
• Adoption of agile methodologies and an agile culture.
• Design and implementation of software components to be used as building blocks for a variety of products and solutions of the company.
• Adoption of not only a microservices technological architecture, but also a microservices-inspired approach to product management and product evolution, allowing our customers to build certain applications or services themselves – or extend existing ones provided by their core vendor.
• Full support of any of the following deployments: local data center deployment (traditional WLA style), private cloud deployment, hybrid private/public cloud deployment – depending on customer requirements and business model.
• True hardware independence through the use of modern containerized technologies that achieve true independence of containerized applications from any target hardware platform, thus allowing for dynamic distributed deployments.

Development Centers

Apart from in house Research and Development, INTRALOT is cooperating with leading educational institutions and Technology Vendors and has established Development Centers in several parts of the word (US, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta). Inside this collaboration framework several research projects have been conducted, in areas including Face Detection and Tracking as source of Marketing Analytics, Automated Content Authoring, Responsible Gaming and Collaborative Game development, among others. As a leading partner in the Corallia Gaming Cluster, we raised our efforts on the development of a dynamic, technology oriented Gaming Innovation Cluster, based in Greece, and the introduction of a cooperation framework with the highly skilled human capital of the sector. We actively support innovation and collaboration with dynamic new entities and highly skilled engineering capital and look forward to introducing more innovative technological solutions, pioneering gaming content and new gaming technologies.


As of December 2017, INTRALOT help approximately 169 patents and designs worldwide and has approximately 61 additional patents at various stages of approval. Our most recent patents include an innovative mobile lottery application, a novel fraud prevention and detection system for lottery and betting operators, a unique game that combines a selection of figures and numbers, a novel graphical representation method for displaying draw results and a high-end system using cameras for reading lottery / betting slips (coupons) in different conditions.


INTRALOT through its dedicated Innovation Lab (ί-Lab) and Hackathon sessions provides all the necessary tools for enabling innovation, from ideation to exploration, research, development and exploitation, creating an environment in which innovative ideas can be conceived, validated and turned into state of the art solutions.