Central System

A fully modular, fully parametrical Ecosystem

To meet the growing demand of modern operators for rich content, INTRALOT has developed a new, open and modular ecosystem that enables operators to offer secure, reliable, flexible and seamless gaming services in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Delivering enhanced performance and flexibility, as well as lower development, deployment and maintenance costs, our new, future-proof platform solutions can respond to individual client change requests faster and at a much lower cost, and at the same time smoothly accommodate advanced analytics and big data technologies.

Meeting a broad range of operator needs, from partial installations to turn-key solutions, the INTRALOT new platform ecosystem features:

• Enhanced elasticity (vertical and horizontal scaling)
• Easy integration with third-party platforms and systems
• Fully productized -configurable and parameterized- apps and games
• Centralized management of game distribution across all land-based and online sales channels
• Real time financial, monitoring and reporting services
• Security and reliability at all levels