Lotos X

Revolutionize your Lottery operation

To meet the growing demand of modern operators for rich content, INTRALOT has developed a new, open and modular ecosystem that enables operators to offer secure, reliable, flexible and seamless gaming services in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Main functionalities

Game Configurator

Everything starts with designing the most fascinating game! Lotos X offers ready to launch preset game family templates - supporting all numerical, passives and instant games - to facilitate the creation of any new product in detail (prize structures, game mechanics, matrices etc). Games can be characterized as main, secondary, multi-jurisdictional or add-ons and can be combined.

During further configuration operators have the opportunity to apply every business rule on the game and parametrize using also risk management options to safeguard game’s payout - to offer a seamless omni-channel experience to the player.

Game & Draw Lifecycle manager

A strong functionality to primarily define the regular draw schedule in detail and any deviation with ad-hoc draws for special occasions.

Operators will have access to all the required consoles and tools to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations including sale performance real time monitoring, control wager operations, draw closure, perform seek winners’ operation and payments authorization.

Channel Manager

Keeping the promise for omni-channel offering, operators can parameterize every sales channel seamlessly taking into consideration the special characteristics and capabilities of every touchpoint and introduce various means of participation including quick-pick options, product bundles, subscriptions, syndicates, group play.

Optimize the Player’s Customer Experience with Lotos X Promotions

Having mapped the entire customer journey, Lotos X Promotions has identified all possible opportunities an operator has to incentivize the player, increase engagement and minimize retention.

Through a wizard-like functionality, every operator can design generic, transaction-triggered promotions, based on performance criteria. Operators can use already configured rules or ask to create customized ones and offer a wide variety of outcomes, ready to satisfy all player preferences.

More enhanced than ever before and with personalization and behavioral merchandising strategies in mind, Lotos X Promotions may offer outcomes that are lottery or non-lottery products, monetary or non-monetary gifts, bonuses, vouchers or any combination of all the above.

Why Lotos X

  1. Is completely parametrical across all games and draw lifecycle management.
  2. Is ready to integrate with any existing ecosystem through APIs while being pre-integrated with all products & services within the current INTRALOT Lottery Solution.
  3. Is infrastructure agnostic, ready to offer on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment scenarios.
  4. Is designed with future-proof state-of-the-art technology (micro-services based).
  5. Is scalable and easily expandable.
  6. Minimizes required software updates down to structural changes.
  7. Offers a true omni-channel experience to the end user by allowing the same game to be served through multiple interfaces, satisfying every channel’s specific needs.
  8. Ensures security and reliability at all levels.
  9. Provides real-time financial, monitoring and reporting services.