Compact and multi-functional

Genion is INTRALOT’s amazing ultra-small, featherweight, multi-purpose terminal, designed to be mounted on practically any POS countertop, shelf or wall surface and capable of both wired and wireless connectivity. Moreover, it fully complies with the Americans Disabilities Act.

Using Genion as a ticket checker, which can be placed in any location that ensures easy player access and meets POS needs, customers can instantly check for winning tickets and view prizes by simply placing their tickets under the barcode scanner. But this multi-purpose terminal is much more than that. It is also a convenient customer transaction display of fully customizable, transaction-specific information, a powerful advertising tool displaying game-related promotional videos, static images and animated graphics, and a user-friendly access point for registered players. Genion can also be used as clerk-operated terminal, facilitating selling of instant tickets. When connected to a lottery printer, it offers lottery quick picks and validation of instant tickets.

Product Description

Offered services:
• QR / Wireless playslip submission
• Ticket Checking
• Transactions display
• Advertising display
• Player Access Point
• Autonomous Retailer Terminal

Supported games:

• Lottery
• Betting
• Scratches

Key benefits:
• Minimal spatial requirements: The terminal’s small and lightweight bodywork allows it to be placed practically anywhere; on the counter, on a shelf, or even mounted on the wall.
• Reliability: Regardless of workloads and environmental conditions, Genion is built on a robust and secure shell so as to retain its optimal performance throughout its prolonged and intense lifespan.
• Acceleration of daily retailer processes: When placed on the Genion’s tray, the reader instantly scans barcodes on lottery tickets and smartphone screens.
• Flexibility: To support player interactivity, Genion may optionally feature multiple connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart Card and NFC. For cases where player interactivity is not required, the cost-effective version may be selected.

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