An all-in-one SST solution

GameKiosk is INTRALOT’s unique, all-in-one SST solution for modern in-store environments with limited space. It features a pair of impressive 21,5-inch full HD screens on a single, elegantly designed stand and a slim profile that occupies far less floor space than competing self-service products, making it easier to install. Moreover, it fully complies with the Americans Disabilities Act.

GameKiosk’s lower touchscreen offers interactive video, betting and lottery games, while the upper screen displays game-related advertising and promotional content. With a single screen version also available, this self-service solution combines ease of use, exciting games and engaging visuals with the convenience of in-store gaming, making it very popular among players. This forward-looking SST comes equipped with a 1D/2D barcode reader, bill validator, smart card reader and a high-capacity printer, offering players a broad selection of gaming, payment and prize redemption options.

Product Description

Offered services:
•  Self-service gaming
•  Autonomous game information
•  Round the clock advertising / digital signage

Supported games:

•  Numeric (Keno, Lotto, Bingo)
•  Sports betting, racing and virtual
•  Instant win (scratches)
•   Reel / slots
•   Card (Blackjack, Poker)
•   Casino (Craps, Baccarat, Roulette)

Key benefits:
•  Cost-effective: it’s a 3-in-1 semi-attended self-service terminal
•  Placement flexibility: The GameKiosk’s small footprint and autonomous operation allows it to be placed in indoor semi-attended locations like hotel and airport lobbies, bars, clubs, shopping malls, mini-markets, etc.
•  Player base expansion: appeals to all, including young, tech-savvy generations and impulsive individuals
•  Universal Gaming Experience: provides unified content across retail, internet and mobile sales channels

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