The all-in-one lottery terminal

Proton is INTRALOT’s next-generation all-in-one lottery terminal for limited space applications. Its integrated camera reader uses INTRALOT’s patented ICON Digital Imaging technology to instantaneously process play slips, as well as lottery and scratch ticket barcodes. Despite its small size, Proton comes with an extensive feature set, offering full size lottery terminal capabilities even under adverse conditions. Moreover, it fully complies with the Americans Disabilities Act.

With a slim design and very small footprint featuring a 7-inch projected capacitive touchscreen and an embedded lottery ticket printer with auto cutter, Proton is ideal for small shops, in-lane placement, or any other traditional or non-traditional POS with limited space and a low to mid-volume load.

Product Description

Offered services:
• Playslip/Betslip camera reading
• Ticket/Receipt printing
• Any Barcode reading
• Ticket processing
• Wireless playslip submission

Supported games:
• Lottery
• Betting
• Scratches

Key benefits:
• Increased productivity: Proton offers high-volume processing with significantly low power consumption. Its processing unit enables rapid operations as it is based on the ARM platform and is coupled with the patented ICON digital camera. The latter allows for accurate reading of smartphone generated QR codes, tickets, scratches and any-shape playslips up to A5 size to be dropped freely on the tray and at any possible orientation. Moreover, the embedded printer allows for easy ‘drop and go’ paper roll loading, and is equipped with a jam-free cutting mechanism to ensure printing remains uninterrupted.
• Reliable: Regardless of workloads and environmental conditions, Proton is robustly built to maintain its optimal performance throughout its prolonged and intense lifespan.
• Minimal spatial requirements: Proton’s small footprint increases ease of placement.
• Flexibility: Wired and wireless connectivity options offer great expandability with any peripheral on demand. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, serial ports and HDMI are all included.
• Security: Proton is equipped with a tamper switch and key lock features so as to avoid intrusions to its internal electronics and to prevent unauthorized access.

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