INTRALOT Creates “INTRALOT Academy” to Offer High Quality Training to its Customers

INTRALOT is proud to announce the launch of INTRALOT Academy a brand new, contemporary training program aiming at providing valuable, hands-on knowledge of our products and services to our existing and new customers.

INTRALOT, as part of its services, offers to its customers tailor-made and targeted high quality trainings with remote and on-site learning courses, managed and ran by seasoned gaming professionals. The purpose of the Academy is to bring all customers up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge and trends, while offering them gaming market expertise, sector-specific skills, and hands-on experience. INTRALOT’s training methodology is certified according to ISO 29993 and ISO 9001, enabling excellent quality and effectiveness.

Those who will attend the INTRALOT Academy program will receive a set of tools, gain access to interactive demo environments, go through gamified courses, receive all necessary documentation and guidance from the Academy’s instructors. Additionally, depending on their line of work within an operation, they will be able to design their own learning paths and study schedule. Upon successful completion, each trainee will receive a certificate of knowledge on INTRALOT’s offering.

Currently offering more than 30 different courses, INTRALOT continuously extends and enhances its knowledge offering to the gaming industry.