Managed Trading Services

Reliable Sports Betting and Racing operations

From state monopolies to fully competitive landscapes and with a wide variety of operating models and payout levels, INTRALOT has established an unparalleled ability to guarantee payout, while exhausting sales’ potential. This makes INTRALOT's certified Managed Trading Services (MTS) the best choice for risk management, business growth and exceptional levels of quality, reliability and flexibility.

Powered by INTRALOT Orion's advanced Trading tools and our experienced Trading Team, our MTS support the whole lifetime of an event and include:

• Dedicated teams per jurisdiction, rather than a white-label approach.
• Multi-jurisdictional synergies.
• 24/7 real-time centralized monitoring.
• Sportsbook content and pricing localization.
• First-in-the-market pricing, when appropriate.
• Dedicated player profiling team.
• Expected sales & payout calculation model, fully dynamic and adaptable to any parameter adjustment.
• Pinpoint analysis per leg size, contrary to the Industry's singles/ multiples generic split.
• Pricing models for special bets, on top of standard industry offering.