Risk Management

Reliable Sports Betting and Racing operations

Sports Betting Risk Management and Footprint

We are one of the world’s leading fixed odds betting operators in the traditional, retail based state sponsored gaming space. We operate sports betting contracts in 16 jurisdictions in 4 continents on a variety of operating models. Our contracts include some of the world’s largest betting operations in terms of per capita spending. We provide operational support services for the organization and management of betting games to a variety of state lotteries and licensed operators worldwide, offering a wide variety of sports and pricing models, as well as more than 12.000 events (pre game and in play) per month and more than 400 market types.
Our portfolio is complemented by our Betting Entertainment propositions that include Racing and Virtuals, increasing player’s life time value and commitment.

Our services include product customization, program and odds compilation, risk management/trading and training support. Through our risk management services, we assess and seek to limit, in real time, our customers’ risk exposures as well as Operator’s risk exposure, while maintaining the profitability of the games. For instance, under certain sports betting contracts, we track betting transactions in real time through our trading/risk management team, identify potential payout risk and/or abnormal player behavior and take corrective action, such as adjusting odds and blocking bets and/or events when necessary and also incorporating a sophisticated alerting system based on pattern recognition which allows setting up automated limits.