Support & Admin

Technical Support and System Operation services

Technical Support and Training

We provide a broad range of sophisticated solutions and gaming products that require ongoing support and maintenance. As a result, we provide after sales technical support to facilitate uninterrupted and efficient gaming operations and minimize sales downtime. These support services include help desk support for retailers, lottery personnel and players as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of central systems as well as field maintenance of equipment installed at retailer locations. We offer a variety of service level options, which are customized to best serve each of our customers’ individual needs and budgets. We also provide a comprehensive training portfolio which includes detailed operational and technical support, marketing seminars and training modules. These training modules are tailored to each customer and can cover both new and experienced lottery and betting operators.

System Operation Services

Our system operation services include the operation and administration of gaming systems, networks and technology infrastructures to ensure continuous system availability, quality of delivered services, and flexibility in resource utilization. System operation services include typical information and communication technology operations, as well as game draw procedures, retailer management monitoring and accounting as well as information and statistics compilation for games and operations.