Betting Services

Managed Trading for razor sharp odds

From state monopolies to fully competitive landscapes, our proven track record of profitability, stability and competence in all regulated environments allow us to effectively address the revenue-boosting needs of operators with our optional betting services.

By enrolling in INTRALOT’s certified betting services, our customers achieve and maintain a business continuum while experiencing exceptional levels of quality, reliability and flexibility. Our Managed Trading, Player and more generic betting services, enable operators to benefit from our multi-jurisdictional synergies and 24/7 centralized risk monitoring capabilities, which put us in a strong position to guarantee results.

In a fixed-odds betting environment, managed trading is a core business function aimed at minimizing operational risk in order to maximize Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). This is accomplished by INTRALOT’s Sportsbook, which is compiled to balance product attractiveness with profitability and handle the risk inherent in fixed-odds betting operations.

Within this context, our Managed Trading Services include:

• Sportsbook content localization and adjustment of generic odds to local market conditions
• Pre-game and in-play market trading through our in-house developed algorithmic pricing for 14 sports
• Risk management enabled by unique trading features, such as real-time liability exposure screens and high risk combination suspensions

Delivering a multitude of player services and adding value to the overall experience engages consumers, which in turn leads to more loyal, frequent, yet responsible playing.

INTRALOT’s strategy and product roadmap focus on providing experiential services to novel players, including:

• Bonusing
• Promotions
• Loyalty
• Customer support
• Responsible gaming
• Payment optimization

Along with our Managed Trading and Player services, operators can also sign up for our Generic services and efficiently cover all aspects of managing their sports betting operation.

These include:

• Strategic business planning
• Product design
• Betting product production
• TV post production
• Betting content