Consumer protection within the Gaming market environment is about ensuring the integrity of operations and dealing with any attempts for fraud or other criminal activities which have serious consequences for the business by compromising the Public trust.

Consumer Protection is part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy and we work hard to maintain the public trust by protecting and ensuring the integrity of our games, systems, and operations. To this end, we have developed the appropriate strategies to ensure that our players are protected in a credible, transparent and ethical environment. Moreover, we value and require ethical behavior by our employees and partners in our gaming operations around the world.

In Sports Betting, INTRALOT’s core area of expertise, we are a vital part of a global endeavour to preserve and protect the integrity of Sports. In this effort, we have built the necessary know-how and systems to fight any attempts for fraud or match-fixing and money-laundering. In addition we cooperate with credible organisations in order to protect the integrity of Sports:

Agreement with the International Olympic Committee & International Sports Monitoring

Betting Company, a subsidiary of INTRALOT Group, has signed a cooperation agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Sports Monitoring (ISM) showing its commitment to actively participate in initiatives that aim to protect and maintain the integrity of sports. Betting Company will provide ISM and IOC with betting related information to assist ISM to monitor betting activities related to the Olympic Games and to assist the IOC to act in case of suspicious betting activities on the Games. The company’s involvement in the Permanent Global Sports Betting Monitoring System of IOC is necessary, contributing to the early detection and prevention of any attempted match-fixing. 

Agreement with FIFA’s Early Warning System

Our Group has signed a cooperation agreement with FIFA's subsidiary, Early Warning System GmbH (EWS), for protecting the integrity of football. Through the agreement, we have become a member of FIFA's global network and will promptly inform EWS on betting patterns which could indicate possible manipulation of football matches or other sport events, from jurisdictions where the company offers its services. Any information received from our operations shall undergo scrutiny by EWS, which will also inform US on which events are under its surveillance.

Protecting the transparency of the Turkish Championship

Through our Inteltek subsidiary we support Spor Toto, Turkey's National Sports Lottery, and the Turkish Football Federation in protecting the transparency of the Turkish Football Championship. In this effort we will inform Spor Toto in presence of unusual betting activity, in order to alert the Federation to take actions to prevent possible cases of distorted match results.