Responsible gaming

“INTRALOT’s adherence to Responsible Gaming starts with our people. Having established an effective training program, we ensure that our employees at all levels and responsibilities are trained to raise awareness in Responsible Gaming and integrate its principles in their daily activities. This year, we have conducted a new gamified eCourse that provides a comprehensive insight into the latest responsible gaming practices.”
Group HR Director

In 2015, INTRALOT has received the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Certification for associate members, following an in depth independent assessment of our products, services and best practices transferred to lottery customers by TUV Nord. The Framework areas include research, employee programs, product and service development, remote gaming environments, advertising and marketing communications, client awareness, stakeholder engagement and reporting.

Recognizing the socially sensitive issues inherent to the gaming industry, responsible gaming is natural key element of our corporate social responsibility strategy as it furthers both issues of compliance and the creation of value. As a leader of the gaming sector, one of the most dynamic industries of the world economy, INTRALOT’s foremost CSR material issue is to ensure that gaming, either land-based, mobile, or on the internet, is done responsibly and safely.

The company’s state of the art technology and operational expertise enable RG practices on behalf of its customers, embedding them in daily operations and product solutions and communicating the concept of RG to all stakeholders. We have set clear and measurable objectives as part of our global Responsible Gaming Strategy and pursue them, regardless of our role in a given jurisdiction, as either a B2B supplier or as a B2C operator. Our strategies have evolved from years of experience in the Lottery and Gaming industry and we pursue them in our effort to develop a sustainable business with all due integrity and propriety.

ΙNTRALOT ensures that players have the choice of well-designed games in a secure and supportive environment, and the company implements strategies for preventing underage, illegal and problem gambling, and minimizing any potential harm to society.

The company has the enabling technologies and the operational know-how required to develop and implement a tailored industry best-practice Responsible Gaming strategy and program in any jurisdiction globally.

In 2018 and 2021, INTRALOT has renewed its WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Certification for associate members.