Corporate Responsibility

"Being a leading global provider of gaming technologies and services in a regulated market, we are fully committed to deploy responsible practises and standards within our operations in five main areas of Corporate Responsibility: Governance & Compliance, Responsible Gaming, Employee Wellbeing, Economic Sustainability and Societal Support." 
Group Corporate Affairs Director
Our future will be sustainable or it won’t be at all. That’s why our commitment to sustainability is not just a statement for the present but a key ongoing effort. It is the means by which we tell you we’re in this for the long haul. We act responsibly and we want to be perceived as doing so because we want to spread the word and lead by example. We listen to your ideas, rethink past assumptions and work on new possibilities, balancing the pragmatic with the visionary and blending our technological and marketing expertise with cultural and social concerns. Above all, we are fully engaged with the evolving needs of our local communities, our employees, our partners and the environment we live in, and are constantly driven by the feeling that what we do touches people’s lives.

Corporate Responsibility report 2021


Reaching out and touching people’s lives

Envisioning a sustainable future and making it happen

Local Communities INTRALOT consistently contributes to our local communities through technology and know-how transfers. We also offer employment opportunities in a safe and friendly work environment and provide specialized training to our local workforce and sales network.Moreover, we support social welfare and educational programs, sponsor human development initiatives and focus on preserving the cultural heritage of our communities and on enhancing their quality of life.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

INTRALOT has adopted rules and procedures—our Code of Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct—that ensure the integrity, security and transparency of all our business practices. We also uphold strict ethics standards in our relations with all stakeholders and comply fully with the regulatory framework and industry guidelines in all our jurisdictions.

Responsible Gaming

 Responsible Gaming is a key element of our sustainability strategy. As a responsible industry leader, INTRALOT is committed to addressing the potential social and economic impacts of our operations.To this end, we have developed the enabling technologies and operational know-how required to implement industry-vetted best practices and responsible gaming programs tailored to the needs of our customers and players across our jurisdictions worldwide. We have achieved the highest level Responsible Gaming Certification by the World Lottery Association.

Work Environment

Our employee policies and procedures foster a stable, supportive, and fulfilling work environment that nurtures talent, rewards initiative, and encourages teamwork. It also motivates our people to excel and advances their professional and personal development. 

Environmental Sustainability

Having developed a company-wide system to monitor our environmental performance, INTRALOT regularly engages in green initiatives that are relevant to our operations and have a positive impact on our local communities. As a responsible global corporate citizen, INTRALOT is an active member of the UN Global Compact and supports regional CSR networks.