"Being a leading global provider of gaming technologies and services in a regulated market, we are fully committed to deploy responsible practises and standards within our operations in five main areas of Corporate Responsibility: Economic Sustainability, Governance, Responsible Gaming, Climate and Environment and Employees and Community Engagement." 
Group Corporate Affairs Director
Our future will be sustainable or it won’t be at all. That’s why our commitment to sustainability is not just a statement for the present but a key ongoing effort. It is the means by which we tell you we’re in this for the long haul. We act responsibly and we want to be perceived as doing so because we want to spread the word and lead by example. We listen to your ideas, rethink past assumptions and work on new possibilities, balancing the pragmatic with the visionary and blending our technological and marketing expertise with cultural and social concerns. Above all, we are fully engaged with the evolving needs of our local communities, our employees, our partners and the environment we live in, and are constantly driven by the feeling that what we do touches people’s lives.

                                                                    Corporate Sustainability Report 2022

INTRALOT's sustainability strategy focuses on five key areas shaped in the Company’s Sustainability Framework. By focusing on these key areas, the Company aims to create sustainable long-term value for all its stakeholders while also fulfilling its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Economic Sustainability
INTRALOT focuses on creating long-term value for shareholders, employees, and stakeholders by improving its activities, products, and services. The Company embraces innovation and strives to offer high-quality, competitively priced products, aiming to sustainable profits and financial stability.

Adhering to the Corporate Governance principles, INTRALOT's practices align with Greek laws and international standards, emphasizing on shareholder and stakeholder rights, transparency, and responsibility. The Company employs clear procedures for business activities and prioritizes transparent practices, including fraud prevention and employee training.

Responsible Gaming
Committed to the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework, INTRALOT implements best practices in gaming and offers tailored responsible gaming product features. The Company educates employees and players on gaming regulations and promotes responsible gaming behaviors.

Climate and Environment
INTRALOT is dedicated to environmental protection, complying with the relevant legislation, and minimizing environmental damage. The Company's efforts include recycling, using eco-friendly materials, conserving resources, reducing plastic use, and addressing transportation pollution.

Employees and Community Engagement
The Company supports social welfare and local communities, focusing on cultural preservation and improvement of life quality. INTRALOT's community initiatives include support for underprivileged children and volunteer programs. The Company ensures a safe, non-discriminatory workplace with equal opportunities, respecting trade union rights and adhering to health and safety regulations. Emphasizing human resource quality, INTRALOT prioritizes fair personnel practices and employee development.

This framework guides INTRALOT’s sustainability efforts and ensures that the Company operates in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. It includes policies and procedures related to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance.