Trusted management of gaming venues and EGMs / VLTs

An integrated solution for monitoring and controlling large-scale gaming networks, the INTRALOT GMS central monitoring system provides comprehensive reporting, accounting, auditing and secure management of Gaming Venues and EGMs / VLTs.

INTRALOT GMS is designed and built according to the requirements of the Gaming Standards Association, while offering full support for multiple legacy gaming protocols, including SAS, QCOM and VLC. Field-tested in the most demanding regulatory environments, it is suitable for multiple types of gaming and operations, such as casinos, racinos, gaming halls, and small retail outlets.

While allowing for direct, real-time integration with third-party systems via the S2S protocols, INTRALOT GMS is fully integrated with our Lotos O/S and GLS e-Licensing platform, a sophisticated workflow-based solution for Regulators for end-to-end execution and management of all gaming licensing and compliance activities.

INTRALOT GMS consists of modules that enable the provision of services, including:

  • Seamless multi-protocol support for easy integration with all types of EGMs, including legacy models.
  • Support of TITO, card-based and account-based payment handling methods.
  • Powerful jackpot engines capable of managing multiple linked local and wide area jackpots.
  • Sophisticated accounting and taxation calculations.
  • Real-time data collection and reporting, all the way down to game level for unrivalled performance analyses.
  • Real-time monitoring and controlling graphical tools for venues, EGMs, jackpots and player activity.
  • Responsible Gaming and pre-commitment functionality with multiple limit types and threshold warnings.
  • Multi-tiered player services, offering flexible loyalty, bonusing and campaign management.