RG Product Features

“INTRALOT’s operational expertise and new product features continuously integrate the Responsible Gaming principles and tools across our Products & Services offering and our daily operations. Through profound market research and customer behavior insights, we ensure that RG principles are adopted in the design, development, and deployment of all vertical solutions that enable player protection practices.”
Group Chief Technology Officer.

INTRALOT, committing to WLA and international principles and standards for responsible gaming, has integrated responsible gaming practices and technologies into player account management system, PlayerX.

These include, among others, global and personalized limits, self-exclusion mechanisms and cool-off periods, e-wallet thresholds and real time monitoring and notifications. All restrictions can be enforced by the Operator and/or the player himself through any gaming platform or channel.

PlayerX platform, during player’s registration process, collects all personal data before actually creating the player’s account (e.g. name, surname, data of birth, resident address, identity number, etc.). The platform is capable of monitoring the age and specific personal data of the player by enforcing cross-checks using internal sources or integrated 3rd party KYC verification systems. In cases where players do not fulfil all eligibility requirements, the account will not be created.

Operator-defined limits

Limits are enforced globally by the Operator, or may be customized per player to adapt to specific responsible gaming profiles. Financial limits cover deposits and withdrawals – configurable per payment method and player segment – as well as stakes and losses – configurable per game and sales channel. Limits can be set for different time periods (daily, weekly, yearly) or even at a session / transaction level.

In this way, the Operator can control excessive playing by imposing the desired limits that comply with local regulations or that he considers more appropriate in order to protect players; what is more, he can control them more effectively, by differentiating limits depending on the possible addiction level of each game or “personalizing” them for specific players.

Player-defined limits

Under the responsible gaming framework, the platform allows players to set their own personal limits, always within the global limits or player-specific limits already set by the Operator. The player may set their desired daily/weekly/monthly/yearly deposit, bet or loss amount limits, which must be lower than the ones defined by the Operator. In case players want to increase their limits for stakes or losses, the increase typically becomes effective only after a protection period of X days (this period can be set according to Lottery requirements). If limits for stakes or losses are lowered, the new limits will become effective immediately for new stakes.

Time limits

Apart from the financial limits, there are session time limits that can be set by the operator or the player. Through session management functionality, players may set a session time limit based on the parametrically defined limits imposed by the operator. This is set in minutes and can have a start and an end date.

Maximum e-wallet threshold

The operator can define a threshold amount over which any funds that exceed it, will be automatically withdrawn from the player’s e-wallet. In this way, the player’s available balance to be used for play can be limited to a reasonable amount, so as to protect him from excessive playing.

Self-exclusion periods

Players have the option to exclude themselves from participating in any game verticals. This can be performed through the relevant section of their account by selecting the desired period of self-exclusion according to the periods which have been set by the Operator.

During the self-exclusion period the player will not be able to perform any transactions while his/her account will become active again after the exclusion period ends. Furthermore, they will also stop receiving any form of communication from the Lottery, including marketing and advertising messages and promotional material.

The platform supports Self-exclusion on a “From-To Date” basis as well as for specific times within the day on which the player will be disallowed from participating. This time window can also be recurrent, by selecting specific days within the week. For example, the self-restriction would disallow a player from playing every Monday and Wednesday between 19:30 and 23:30. In this way, the player can have better control of his participation, as he can restrict himself specifically on the days and hours that he is more prone to excessive play.

Configurable cool-off periods

In case of either increase of limits by the player or following the self-exclusion, a configurable cool-off period can be set, so that the new situation becomes effective not immediately but after some days. Regarding limits, in case players want to increase their limits for stakes or losses, the increase typically becomes effective only after a protection period of X days (this period can be set according to Lottery requirements). If limits for stakes or losses are lowered, the new limits will become effective immediately for new stakes.

In this way, the player has the opportunity to re-evaluate his decision and control himself more effectively.

Different self-restriction options

By activating “Self-Exclusion” option, a player is not able to Login, Play or Transfer money. Additional self-restriction options are available in case the Operator adopts a more incremental approach (e.g. disable login, play, deposit, withdrawal, allow contact, etc.).

Player monitoring and communication
Operator’s authorised users are able to monitor players activity in real time and offline using the history that is kept for all players regarding their gaming and financial transactions. The application provides the operators with the essential tools to enable them to supervise all players gaming activity. In addition, real-time notifications can be sent to players on play, win and reaching predefined limits or specific thresholds, warning the player for his gaming behavior.

Immediate closure of player’s account

The player can easily close his account by forming a relevant request in real time through the front-end or the customer support service. The platform immediately checks the relevant criteria, and if these are fulfilled the account is closed and finalized. In case there are any conditions that prevent the account from closing, such as pending withdrawals or deposits, outstanding bets, remaining balance, etc. these can be respectively addressed by the operator in collaboration with the player.

Frontend measures

INTRALOT internet and mobile portals are always designed to provide appropriate protection to vulnerable players from the heightened risk of excessive and underage play associated with remote gaming channels. Indicative functionalities include the following:

  • reality checks on the gaming screens (e.g. session clock, warnings related to limits, cool offs/breaks between periods of play)
  • data protection controls
  • value of wagers always displayed
  • continuous monitoring of player gaming behaviour and regular email content about player protection send to registered players database
  • self-assessment opportunities to help people evaluate
    whether they are playing responsibly
  • links on every page of the portal to information about responsible gaming, Lottery’s policies on RG and source of advice and support (e.g. helpline numbers, etc.).