Debt Capital Market Info

INTRALOT Debt notes are admitted to the Official List of the Luxemburg Stock Exchange (LxSE) and are further admitted to trading on the Euro MTF Market thereof.

Senior Notes Offering Documents

INTRALOT has completed a series of four successful bond offerings since 2014 increasing average maturities period from 3.5 to 6 years and reducing the average weighted interest rates from 8.25 to 5.75%. As a result INTRALOT has attracted all major international investment houses that have participated in its latest bond offering in 2017.

€500m 5.250% Senior Notes 2024

€250m 6.0% Senior Notes 2021

€250m 6.750% Senior Notes 2021

€325m 9.750% Senior Notes 2018

Credit Ratings

INTRALOT has received positive comments from credit rating companies for its successful debt reprofiling since 2014.

S&P Global_15.03.2019 Fitch_07.03.2019
S&P Global_14.09.2018 Moody’s_17.09.2018
S&P Global_25.04.2018 Moody’s_12.09.2018
S&P Global_11.09.2017 Fitch_11.09.2017 Moody’s_11.09.2017
S&P Global_28.04.2016 Fitch_21.10.2016 Moody’s_20.09.2016
S&P Global_10.07.2015 Moody’s_02.02.2015

INTRALOT Investor Relations
Mailing address: 64, Kifisias Ave. & 3, Premetis Str., 151 25, Athens, Greece
Phone: (+30) 210 615 6000
Fax: (+30) 210 615 6128