In INTRALOT, you will live in a cutting-edge technology environment to build your career and to grow both personally and professionally!

What’s your life in INTRALOT going to be like?

  • You will meet our teams, true “gurus” in their area of expertise, you will cooperate with various departments and your input can make a difference! Together, we will create amazing products and services that will add real value to our customers.
  • We will encourage you to travel and work around the world in our subsidiaries, to get to know different people, cultures and ways of work in everyday life! To make this possible, we have created a structured global mobility program for international assignments, that ensures fair and transparent opportunities for everybody interested.
  • We will work together on your professional and personal advancement with best in class training and a solid support infrastructure, both on improving your technical skills and your personal competencies.

Training Highlights 2017

>90 Training Programs conducted with ~2400 participations and >90% Satisfaction Rate!

These included:
  • Management Development
  • On-boarding
  • Skills Development
  • Technical: e.g. Web Design, Software Testing Qualification, Infrastructure Monitoring, Administration & Security, etc.
  • Business: e.g. Agile/ SCRUM, Project Management, Product Management, Business Analysis, Advanced Communications, Negotiations, Tax & Accounting, etc.
  • Safety: e.g. Evacuation Procedures, First Aid, Fire Suspension
  • Compliance: e.g. Information Security, Code of Conduct
  • INTRALOT-Specific: e.g. a wide range of in-house programs and courses that fulfill role requirements (Gaming, Products, Sales, Software Development, Internal Tools, etc.)
    A variety of learning methods are applied to ensure the best results. These include: instructor-led training in physical classrooms, e-learning via INTRALOT’s Corporate e-learning platform and ‘blended learning’, in association with world-class providers. Moreover, courses are customized to INTRALOT’s needs and are designed either fully in-house or in collaboration with industry experts.
  • We have developed our 360 Performance Review Process, so that we all have clear, SMART objectives, accompanied with a well-rounded evaluation of our performance not only by our supervisor, but also by our peers that we work with and of course ourselves. Through this path, you can work your way up the professional ladder!
  • You will be recognized and rewarded: We do offer a competitive remuneration package according to position, combined with further benefits (ie private health insurance) for you and your family members, that will make your life easier and secure.
  • Your well- being is of importance! We have put into action several important programs that are designed to make your everyday living safer and more fun! Hackathon for employees (with great prizes!!), career counselling for junior family members, kids’ day at work, a student recognition scheme, our running team, access to our blood bank, free transportation to and from our offices in Paiania, a disability awareness program including easy premises access.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in any employment practices for reasons of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, medical condition or disability, or any other legally protected status.