Our activities can be divided into three main categories, addressing the different needs of our lottery partners:

 Technology and support services, including provision of equipment, software, and maintenance services.
Management services, including day-to-day management of operations, marketing services, sales network and risk management/ odds’ setting for game and Sports Betting organizations.
Equity in licensed operations that may also include responsibility of all aspects of a gaming operation, selection and provision of technology, as well as the efficient, ongoing support and management of the operations.


Participation in the partnership that has acquired the exclusive license to operating the lottery games in Salta, as well as manage the sports betting product in Jujuy & Catamarca. It also holds facility management contracts in 11 out of the 23 Provincial Lotteries in Argentina.


INTRALOT provides the State of Victoria with a remote monitoring system that controls over 26,000 VLT. Our robust solution includes system localization, testing and certification for more than 500 venues. The project, is one of the largest pre-commitment projects globally. Under a separate contract, INTRALOT provides technology services for lottery games in 2,000 POS in Western Australia.


INTRALOT operates lottery games in the State of Minas Gerais, the second most heavily populated state in Brazil, under a license agreement. Currently INTRALOT do Brazil, the local subsidiary, operates 6 games through a network of more than 1,800 POS.


INTRALOT Inc, the US subsidiary of INTRALOT, is the technology supplier for BCLC, which operates lottery on behalf of the Government of British Columbia, providing a lottery central system with its novel platform Lotos X, the holistic lottery solution that includes INTRALOT’s cutting edge lottery terminals with their innovative camera based technology along with additional software products as well as ongoing maintenance services.


Provision of technology and facility management services for Numerical games, Sports Betting, Instants, and Raffle games. The games are offered through more than 2,200 POS, a dedicated website, and a native mobile application.


Provision of the Player Management System to effectively support the online channel of National Lottery, enriched with interactive content, including Casino games.


Technology supplier for ODS, also providing bookmaker and customer support services for the operation of Sports Betting in Germany through a network of 23,000 POS at federal level. Under a separate agreement, INTRALOT is the technology supplier of Lotto Hamburg, offering lottery products in more than 500 POS.


Technology supplier of the numerical lottery system for OPAP. Participation in partnership responsible for the exclusive operation of Scratch and Passive games of Hellenic Lottery, while acting as the technology provider and warehousing / distribution services operator.


Technology supplier of Premier Lotteries, the operator of lottery and instant products in Ireland, in more than 4,000 POS.


Technology supplier for Magnum Corporation, the leading gaming company in Malaysia.


Provision of technical, marketing and sales operation to La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS), a state lottery operator of Morocco. INTRALOT Maroc, the locally established subsidiary, operates a range of Numerical, Instant and Sports betting games through a network of 1,400 POS and dedicated playing websites.

The Netherlands

Provision of facility management services for betting, lottery and instant games through more than 5,000 POS, and online.

New Zealand

Provision and operation of an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS), as well as an Integrated Gambling Platform (IGP), for the licensing, ongoing operation, management, compliance, reporting and auditing of all gambling activity in New Zealand.


Provision of facility management services for betting, lottery and instant games through more than 2,500 POS.


Technology supplier for the lottery operator, Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).


Technology supplier of both the Taiwan Lottery (TLC) and Taiwan Sports Lottery Corporation (TSLC) operators. INTRALOT also manages the Sports Betting platform as an integrated solution for all the selling channels of the Lottery, both the online and land-based network.


Participation as partnership partner in Bilyoner, a leading e-agent for online sports betting.

United States

INTRALOT provides technology and facility management services for 12 State Lotteries in the USA, supporting each one of our partners in improving their sales’ targets and ensuring ongoing funding of public education and other good causes. INTRALOT Inc. is also responsible for the full operation of the Ohio Lottery’s instant games (via a CSP agreement), through a production facility in Mason, Ohio. INTRALOT also provides its proprietary VLT Central Monitoring System (Central System Hardware and Software) for Ohio’s 7 racinos and Georgia’s 5,500 venues, monitoring more than 30,000 terminals. In 2018 INTRALOT signed a contract with CAMELOT Illinois LLC for the Illinois State Lottery. INTRALOT will provide CAMELOT Illinois with innovative system solutions and a full suite of end-to-end systems. INTRALOT will provide these services in line with the Private Management Agreement (PMA) held between the State of Illinois, the Department of the Lottery and CAMELOT Illinois LLC. We effectively manage diverse game portfolios with different technical and commercial requirements set by each State Lottery.

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