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Listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1999, INTRALOT offers transparent, timely, and accurate information to the investor community, in full compliance to related regulations.

Τhe Company’s share capital amounts to Euro 111,401,100.00 divided into 371,337,000 common registered shares, with a nominal value of thirty cents (€0.30) each.

Shareholders/Investors who posses equal or more than 5% 

According to the data kept in ATHEXCSD, the shareholders/investors who posses equal or more than 5% of the total number of common shares of the Company, are the following:

CQ Lottery LLC*

*: CQ Lottery LLC is a company controlled by "The Queen Casino & Entertainment Inc" which is a company controlled by “Standard General Management LLC”, which in turn is controlled by “Acme Amalgamated Holdings, LLC”, which is ultimately controlled by Mr. Soohyung Kim.

**: «ALPHACHOICE SERVICES LIMITED», is a company controlled by «Κ-GENERAL INVESTMENTS AND SYSTEMS SINGLE MEMBER HOLDINGS SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME» (distinctive title “K-SYSTEMS”), sole shareholder of which is Mr. Sokratis P. Kokkalis.

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