Customer Support

Direct Care

We offer 24/7/365, world-class, 3-level-tier support services and solutions, meeting the software, hardware and overall operational needs of our global operations and customers.

Our monitoring services are designed to proactively protect and support our operations, before tickets are reported. The assigned team of experts act pre-emptively, by creating event tickets from generated alerts, defined by INTRALOT to alert us on issues that might arise regarding:

  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Databases
  • Applications

We engage all necessary support levels, ensuring that all servers are in optimum level and trouble-free, networks are available and reliable, databases are in a healthy state and applications are always available to our customers.

Service Desk / 1st Level Support Tier
Our Service Desk / Tier 1 support team acts immediately on reported issues from monitoring alerts from our global operations or customers. All reported issues are prioritized based on their business impact and respective SLAs. Issues not resolved at this level are handled by Tier 2 Support for Application and/or IT support. All interested parties are timely updated on the resolution progress.

2nd Level Support Tier
Applications and IT experts investigate and analyze issues to provide permanent resolutions or workaround solutions. Root cause findings and resolution paths are documented in knowledge base articles and runbooks, creating a rich repository of data for quick and efficient recovery. Unresolved issues are handled by Tier 3 Support.

3rd Level Support Tier
Software developers and IT support experts with in-depth knowledge of all our systems, intervene in the code and provide immediate recovery solutions, applying planned fixes or “hot fixes” where necessary. Root Cause Analysis is conducted to drive permanent resolutions, while all findings are forwarded to Tier 2 Support for verification and final delivery.

Solution Audit
To ensure trouble-free deliverables in a multi-vendor environment, our support team conducts solution audits based on log analysis and evaluation of all components, investigating overall configuration and analyzing housekeeping activities. All findings are included in solution audit reports, providing qualitative operational data and offering suggestions on the future of current solutions.