Human Resources

Operating as a winning team is one of our basic principles. We offer our people employment opportunities in an excellent working environment and provide them with prospects for professional development and personal growth.

Moreover, we pursue a policy of continuous training for our employees and provide a working environment that is conducive to productive cooperation. Thanks to our people, we are able to consistently offer innovative solutions and cutting edge products and services, while steadily expanding our business worldwide.

We have devoted considerable time and resources to strengthening the means and infrastructure supporting our employee global mobility program. These investments have already yielded spectacular results, creating additional vacancies and new professional development opportunities worldwide.

Training & development programs

We have instituted a comprehensive employee professional and personal development system, which focuses on lifelong training and the constant development of individual skills, based on non-discriminatory objective, work performance evaluation and reward criteria. Our aim is to offer our employees the necessary means and know how to handle increased responsibilities and realize their full potential in an international, highly competitive business environment.

International career opportunities

Following our rapid growth and international expansion, the Group’s total workforce has increased significantly since the company’s start up. This development has given our people additional incentives, while charging the company with the responsibility of preparing them to successfully handle a broad range of challenges in the global business arena.

Working conditions

We strive to ensure the best possible working conditions, providing a pleasant and functional environment with ergonomically designed working areas. Employees are constantly updated and trained on health & safety issues, and encouraged to participate in related initiatives. Our aim is to boost job satisfaction, which leads to enhanced performance and ultimately results in considerable quality of life improvement.

Non-discrimination policies

We foster a multicultural environment based on the principles of “equal treatment for equal work”, equal career development opportunities and non-discrimination.