“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others”, said Walt Disney back in the day and in that way he had successfully risen the importance of experiences over the simple “consumption” of products before anyone else was ever aware of them.

If one was offered the opportunity to interview major lottery winners around the world throughout time, they would most probably talk more about the experience of winning and less about the prize they actually received. This does not mean of course that the prize would be overlooked, after all it is a bliss, a financial relief and sometimes even a life-changing thing. Nevertheless, lottery winners would eventually talk about the thrilling feel and the excitement of winning. The place and moment when they first found out, the way they shared the news with their loved ones and the kind of celebration they chose to hold, would probably be what actually matters the most. Once the dust has settled, players always remember their winning moments as unique and exceptional. Imagine now the impact on the players’ experience, if we were able to stimulate and bring out a small piece of these feelings and excitement, from the winning moment to the game as a whole.

Our industry, as the entire market shifted its focus from product-driven strategies to experience-oriented ones, was bound to follow. The services’ section made the first baby steps towards the new trend, and fast-consuming goods tried to keep up, but it was the Lottery world that seemed destined for even greater things, as it was already blessed with that special gaming sparkle and anticipation of joy, being at the same time committed to embrace and enhance the global principles of responsible gaming. Therefore, what have we missed? Why haven’t we already thrived in the world of experiences?

Steve Jobs said that “you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology – not the other way around” in order to succeed in this area. Lotteries, operators, systems designers, platform developers, game providers and governments have all spent countless resources, hours of hard work and research in order to create complete and robust products, trustworthy platforms, stable systems, rewarding responsible games. And we all performed remarkably. But somewhere along the way, we may have underestimated the perceived value of customers’ experience and the fact that, in many occasions, they have raised the bar significantly in terms of expected outcome. We definitely respected all existing regulatory restrictions and safeguarded our faith and trust in the traditional ways of operation but have we truly shown excellence in listening to customer’s voice?

In INTRALOT, we have carried out extensive research on various groups of players and platform users (originating from different markets) in order to gather the insights required and ultimately create a perfect solution. We combined our findings with our deep knowledge and experience of the lottery industry and today, we are proud to present INTRALOT CanvasTM.

CanvasTM is an all-in-one platform, designed to offer centralized management of multiple game verticals and focus on providing a personalized and consistent User Experience (UX) across all sales channels, both online and retail, to the players.

By listening closely to the pulse of the gaming market, CanvasTM became the ultimate tool to serve a state-of-the-art gaming experience to all audiences, specifically designed to provide various gaming content to multi-channel solutions with exceptional cost and time efficiency.

For the design of CanvasTM, INTRALOT has deconstructed its 25-years of managing multiple operations, gathered every single issue ever addressed and had it included in the platform. Information is gathered through research and a continuously updated and learning mechanism of tracking and monitoring KPIs in order to compose a complete and ultimate solution which will be able to predict every customer need.

CanvasTM architecture is optimized to equally satisfy both elementary and proficient CMS users. It offers simple modules and explanatory user journeys to facilitate its usage and productivity, but also advanced tools, like personalization functions, A/B testing and segmentation engines, that sets the platform on top of its competition.

Its core goal is to minimize the time and effort spent from operators when distributing different gaming content to multiple sales channels in a consistent, usable and functional manner.

Additionally to that, it showcases a modern, flat Users’ Interface (UI), presenting dashboards and functionalities through wizard-like journeys that are fully and easily customizable by the operator, offering thus an exceptional user experience to both the management team and the end customer. Fully tested and certified, secure and compatible with every 3rd party tool or platform already installed in an existing operation (CMS, RGS etc.), CanvasTM is the ultimate multi-channel content management tool.   

In every industry, when it comes to boosting sales, it is paramount that companies create and compose their buyers’ profiles. Only by knowing your customer to a great extent, will you be able to offer them exactly what they want. Through CanvasTM, player profiling becomes the core of a successful platform that guarantees great results. Its personalization capabilities are even more enhanced, when combined with INTRALOT’s new and innovative CMS platform. Through this universal solution, lottery operators are offered not only premium Player Account Management capabilities, but they can also organize promotional campaigns, view data dashboards and monitor e-satisfaction analytics. 

In a fast evolving and changing market, CanvasTM could not be anything less than a user-centric hyper tool. As our users become more and more demanding, it was of high priority to offer a product of customer service excellence and with the ability to adapt and evolve according to any customer need.

To optimize itsperformance, INTRALOT has initiated its Customer Experience Dashboard scheme, which allows the combination of ongoing top-down evaluation and review with bottom-up data-driven analysis in order to always be one step ahead of the market. Through the CX Dashboard mechanism, KPIs are selected and monitored through sales data and research findings, which as soon as they are gathered and analyzed, they are fed back to the system functionality for further evaluation. This way, operators are given a chance to preview first the market trends and choose through A/B testing the segmentation strategy that best serves the most personalized and meaningful content to their players.

This offers a complete board of usage analytics, including monitoring every activity and personalized offering the operator wants, setting a higher level of gaming experience, customer satisfaction, trust and impeccable conversion rates in all sales channels served by Canvas.

As part of INTRALOT’s Next Generation of Customer Experience platforms, CanvasTM aims at facilitating operators to come closer than ever to their customer needs through proven and sustainable data, embracing change and offering them a set of cutting edge tools that will help them refine their sales, services, marketing strategies and overall product offering to their end users.     

To conclude in, it is not only about how many game titles you offer, how competitive your payouts are and how often your jackpots are hit. It is also about how this is perceived by your customers, how smoothly it is served to them and how the whole experience makes them feel. It is said that quality in a service or product is not what you put in to it but what the customer actually gets out of it. We at INTRALOT, aim at offering the most exciting and remarkable, solid and safeguarded experience there is.

The best time to plant an apple tree may have been ten years ago but the second best time is always now, so make a  leap of faith and offer your customers a playing experience to remember. And as Walt Disney said, they will come back again and bring others along them.