During the last few years, there has been a fundamental change in the gaming markets driven by the convergence of the various player interaction channels and the increased diversity of the available gaming content and game-play models. The gaming industry now focuses less on how to create and organise content, and more on what kind of content to create and for whom to create it. Lotteries and egaming operators need tools to help them understand who their visitors are and how to deliver content specifically for them. Both require flexible environments with special functionalities that make things easier for them in order to manage multiple gaming verticals quickly and easily.

Features such as analytics and content personalisation are the differentiators that come at the top of the list. The gaming industry demands that gaming platforms offer a unified customer experience. The majority of the online operators manage multiple game verticals and interaction channels, in many cases, with the use of separate applications or platforms. Furthermore, there is a need to reduce the operational overheads caused by the use of a plethora of separate and unrelated third-party tools, in order to monitor and influence the various steps of their customers’ journeys. The imperative need of the market is the development of an interactive gaming platform, which aims to:

• Satisfy game-specific content and features. Namely, the game clients, but also the features surrounding the game that form the game ecosphere.

• Address lotteries and egaming organisations that focus on the value of offering their players a personalised and consistent user experience. INTRALOT – always positioned at the forefront of the gaming industry – has taken into consideration the above trends and invested in developing its own interactive gaming console. Having clearly defined its target audiences, this platform came to leave behind the existing market problems and deliver a full arsenal of tools to the operators, specifically designed to provide solutions to current deficiencies of the existing gaming platforms.

• It introduces the flexibility of having different gaming verticals and centrally managing them with just one product.

• It gives operators the right tools (segmentation engine, built-in A/B testing tool) to adapt the content based on a visitor’s profile or their past behavior within the portal, so that the player receives a personalised experience.

• It has embedded the proper analytics to measure the effectiveness of every aspect of the operator’s portal and optimises the conversion rates, which have a huge impact on the sales bottom line at minimum expense.

• It is not designed just for programmers. All content and game verticals management activities can be performed with minimal technical skills.

• It delivers the best player experience possible depending on the portal’s access channel, while carrying a simple, elegant and functional user-friendly design, easy site navigability, reliability and accessibility.

• There is no need for third-party tools to bridge the gap between the standard CMS capabilities and the actual needs of a modern online operation.

The all-in-one platform delivers a unified customer experience combined with personalization to achieve the highest level of customer engagement.