H Intralot: SST REPORT

INTRALOT, which pioneered by developing DREAMTOUCH, the first touchscreen enabled Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) of the industry, is once again redefining the self-service concept by introducing a new series of products into two other market segments, the desktop and the kiosk.

INTRALOT’s desktop and kiosk solutions present a new approach in self-service gaming aiming to add a new experience when it comes to player’s convenience and content serving.

All solutions offer a card and barcode reader for maximizing player’s participation convenience.  The kiosk solution either on a single or dual screen version, offers a printer to add up to the player’s options, while an ergonomic hand rest adds to the functionality and player’s comfort. Player can participate with his player’s card, which has been issued in a retail store, or with a voucher and prepaid cards. Registered players can use their Player’s Club cards to collect loyalty points and bonuses.

Both desktop and kiosk solutions are very manageable almost for any place due to their small footprint that is considered a crucial factor for today’s retail environment. Allowing multiple variations, for example desktop clusters, either desk or wall mounted, may offer a new revenue generation for operators in limited spaces.

Self - Service Phenomenon

Montana Lottery players will be able to enjoy the benefits of our brand new, first in market DREAMTOUCH touchscreen TVM, which will be installed in Montana within a few months period as part of our contract.

Self-service terminals (SSTs) were introduced to address the needs of many industries and it has been proven that they are continuously gaining market share by doubling their usage in the last four years. The smartphone revolution could not have left the self-service ecosystem unaffected and thus touch-screen enabled terminals are adding a new dimension to the user’s experience.                 

To penetrate alternative retailing venues, both desktop and kiosk type solutions need to be considered, as the player’s journey begins at the info-kiosk from the moment of browsing How-to-Play information and ending-up with ticket preparation. The offered self-service solutions should address both the impulse and the dedicated player by means of different content. This content can range from numeric to video games and even to e-scratch and fast interactive games, depending on the venue where the terminals are placed.

A great example would be INTRALOT’s fast play games, named TAPPIT! games, that were introduced with great success in US and perfectly complement both desktop and kiosk solutions.

Also, according to the retailing venue, INTRALOT offers solutions of both wagering and non-wagering types. Information and ticket preparation is the starting point of the Player’s journey on these terminals that offer multiple cashless options, while game participation can be extended and completed at the same device without the need to visit the counter.

Numerous payment schemes exist, such as barcoded vouchers or temporary cards that can be issued and redeemed over the counter or by automatic redemption machines. Furthermore, the registered player can complete the whole gameplay cycle by using his Club card and e-Wallet credits to play, pay and collect his ticket and also the winnings into his account, which is the central point of reference for all his game activities. INTRALOT Player Account Management offers a complete end-to-end solution in this area that complements the self-service terminals in the best possible way.

Last but not least comes INTRALOT’s back-office management tools that offer all the important business analytics of product sales as well player’s preferences on the terminals, allowing for the optimum utilization of these channels for the operators, targeting to the best CAPEX and OPEX performance for their operations.

The Future

In the future lottery self-service technology will be adopting more and more cashless methods of payment these being either contact or contactless bank card acceptance or loyalty Player’s club cards in connection with account based e-Wallets. INTRALOT’s cashless propositions across all self-service platforms provide excellent end-to-end solutions that can cover all present and future customer needs.