Anny Tzivanaki of INTRALOT identifies five key factors for a successful egaming platform

INTRALOT’s new player account and relationship management system aims to address the rapid changes in the gaming market, by providing a solid omni-channel solution for all possible player entities that are managed by gaming operators. The imperative market need to gain value from all customer interactions is covered by recording user paths and linking multiple account types. That would include from just a simple app download action or initial prospect player data, up to fully registered online player profiles or retail play activity linked to a player card. The result is to be able to provide tailor made personalized marketing, increase the player lifetime value and ensure an exciting and always responsible gaming experience to the players. INTRALOT’s account and relationship management platform was developed with the vision to cover all the aforementioned player needs, features and offerings by implementing the practices mentioned thereafter in the most innovative way possible.

1. Inter-disciplinary experience

Following closely the practices of the contemporary fast-changing retail and ecommerce worlds, as well as taking into consideration case studies from a number of industries, is key for lottery and regulated gaming operators to be able to follow global business trends. Even though the gaming industry has always been a pioneer in the use of technology, new regulatory conditions create an environment that encourages taking examples from other disciplines. A prime example of this being land-based and online channel interaction, aiming to create a unified player experience.


2. Unified player account

As the online gaming business is becoming more regulated over time, it approaches the traditional lottery industry that is by definition dominant in the land-based channels and gradually grows its online presence. It is thus imperative that a platform should be managing player accounts for all types of games, products and channels, introducing a holistic, omni-channel approach that is game-independent while fully supporting all games. INTRALOT’s player account and relationship management system supports seamless player account integration across all sales channels, land-based and online as well as all platforms and gaming systems for the entire variety of product verticals. This includes passives, instants, sports betting, casino, poker, bingo, virtuals, racing, as well as operational support tools.


3. Use of innovative technology

Many operational tasks can either be well defined and recurring, or require responsible manual intervention and multiple approval levels to mitigate risk. We have seen that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and highly functional user experiences, allow operators to reduce costs by providing tailored services to their players while using advanced automations. On another note, if also intertwined with top data-mining and segmentation modules, AI can enable real-time decisions to be made. The system improves as it gathers insight from players. This, coupled with real time reporting on player-oriented KPIs, provides the operator with the most powerful and advanced tools to exploit increased player life time and revenue opportunities, and provide a unique personalized experience to the player.


4. Dynamic marketing tools

Advanced marketing tools are best performing and can action in real-time when they are an integral part of the player account management system. Using a real-time data production system to perform on the spot, during the same user session, personalized marketing activities enable the operator to offer the most engaging player journey.

These include:

• Bonus types with full control of the free funds cycle within the system, using sophisticated ring-fencing controls in order to manage bonus funds conversion into real-money

• Promotions set up that can manage custom rules-based scenarios to cover each and every ad hoc or planned marketing need, allowing the marketing team to be able to create in operational freedom

• Real-time updated player segments

• Behavioral segmentation that allows the system to recommend products, games and promotions to the players, using all the available User Interface (UI)/front-end channels.Use of the most innovative marketing technologyis key for the platform so as to be accompaniedby an ongoing roadmap of new features and functionalitiesadjusting to new conditions such asgaming products development, player habits andtrends, new regulatory frameworks, new technologiespenetration, new player acquisition sourcesand localization factors.


5. Platform flexibility

Modularity, scalability, extensibility and architecture that allows fast and tight integration with gaming content providers, payment gateways, distribution channels, front-end apps and devices, KYC/ID verification services, fraud management services, affiliate networks, mass communication tools, social media relationship management services, social gaming/for fun content providers. The primary goal is to provide easy to apply and complete solutions to lottery and regulated gaming operators. As a second point operators should be able to mix and match modules, under a flexible “start now – upgrade later” approach. Finally, not all gaming businesses are ready for the next steps when their market moves to the next level. A technology provider like INTRALOT, which runs its own gaming operations and a set of managed services for its customers, can offer services ranging from implementation, support and training up to a complete operational service bundle together with the platform.

*ANNY TZIVANAKI is the head of interactive gaming platform in the products and services division at INTRALOT. With 17 years of experience in the gaming industry she has fulfilled various roles in interactive operations as technology and egaming services