A “Gift Box” for Big-Box Retailers_WLA Magazine_No. 52_Winter 2019-2020


by Kylie Reagan, Marketing Manager, INTRALOT Inc.

Lottery has been a staple in grocery stores, gas stations, and social establishments for decades. However, one market, perhaps the largest, has historically been largely impenetrable, Walmart Inc. In 2018 that all changed.

Seeing an immense opportunity, Walmart Inc. approached US Lottery vendors with a proposition, the first of its kind. They requested a self-service vending terminal that would fit their corporate guidelines and height restrictions. As we in the Lottery industry know, it is the Lotteries, and their state regulations, that dictate what machines go where, and when. Thus, it was up to the vendors to not only create a machine for Walmart but create a machine that would truly benefit our Lotteries and their states. 

At INTRALOT we are shaping the future of vending by introducing the first 54” height self-service terminal with full Draw Game capabilities, and 25 bin instant scratch ticket capacity. It serves as a powerful advertisement and promotional channel with its programable multimedia content and call to action messaging. This terminal will allow, and already has allowed, lotteries to greatly expand their retailer networks.

It offers enhanced player satisfaction with its functionality, accessibility and rich set of features. Following are some of its main characteristics:

  • 25 instant scratch ticket bins
  • 32” full high-definition touchscreen in landscape orientation
  • Dedicated 10,1” touchscreen monitor for retailers
  • Multi-currency note acceptor
  • Credit/Debit card payment
  • Playslip scanner
  • Barcode reader
  • High-speed thermal printer
  • Separate locker components
  • Faros light
  • Easy accessibility

The additional number of scratch games offered by the Dreamtouch Smart, compared to any other vending terminal at similar height offered in the market, is estimated to generate an increase on average sales revenues.

The Dreamtouch Smart is ideal for hypermarkets, supercenters and grocery stores, as due to its compact size it allows customers to have a greater visibility across the front end of supercenter stores and checkout areas.

The Dreamtouch Smart represents the blend of different visions and needs from multiple parties, all merging into one seamless machine, designed to increase sales and enhance the player experience. Through months of development and fine tuning, the Dreamtouch Smart is in the field in two states with more on the horizon. 

We are immensely lucky to have innovative and passionate customers, and both Idaho and Arkansas were the first to place Dreamtouch Smarts in the field.  

Idaho Lottery

The Idaho Lottery introduced the Dreamtouch Smart in the market in September 2019. Currently, 24 Dreamtouch Smart terminals have been placed in 15 Walmart locations. The games portfolio included in the game menu of the Idaho Lottery Dreamtouch Smart are:

  • Nine Current Draw games
  • 25 Scratch games with price points from $1 to $30
  • 11 Current Instaplay games

Arkansas Lottery

The Arkansas Lottery introduced the Dreamtouch Smart in the Arkansas market during July 2019. Currently there are 68 Dreamtouch Smart terminals in 64 Walmart locations. The games portfolio included in the game menu of the Arkansas Lottery Dreamtouch Smart are:

  • 6 Draw games
  • 25 Scratch games with price points from $1 to $20
  • 3 Fast Play games

INTRALOT’s next-generation solutions at NASPL 2019

INTRALOT presented the Dreamtouch Smart at NASPL 2019 in Little Rock, Arkansas with resounding success. Shown below in Arizona Lottery colors, with its current full game display.