Dreamtouch Smart: The largest ticket capacity in the smartest size_PGRI July-August 2019


The retail industry is rapidly transforming due to innovations and new trends in technology which redefine the retail experience of consumers. Digital technology has already become an integral part of our daily lives and sets new standards to our expectations as customers. Retail transformation is driven by the need to combine digital with physical experiences and to deliver unique, engaging and seamless experiences for the consumer. Consequently, the needs of consumers and retailers as well, require innovative and intuitive technology solutions together that create an opportunity for lotteries to increase sales and revenues.

INTRALOT shapes the future of its products developed by integrating new technologies and innovations to them, aiming to meet customers’ expectations and technological trends that satisfy retailers demand for modern and advanced point of sales technology.
The introduction of Dreamtouch Smart, the first 54” height vending machine with the largest capacity of scratch tickets in the smartest size, confirms INTRALOT’S continuous commitment in delivering pioneering and innovative products. It upholds the legacy of Dreamtouch, the first vending machine with touchscreen introduced in market. Dreamtouch Smart is a revolutionary vending machine, carefully designed, to benefit both players and retailers. It stands out for the unique and modern aesthetic.

Dreamtouch Smart aims to attract lottery players when on a regular shopping trip to retail stores and build on impulse buy occasion. It is the only instant ticket vending machine for purchasing unlimited draw based games, terminal instants and up to 25 instant scratch enabling lottery operations to expand their network in the world's largest brick-and-mortar retailer chains, creating an enticing player experience that lets customers shop anytime, anywhere in the most efficient manner. This latest addition in the family of Dreamtouch products, is equipped with a stunning 32” high definition display in landscape orientation, offering a unique gaming experience. When in idle mode, Dreamtouch Smart has the ability to automatically turn into a powerful advertisement and promotion lottery module with programmable rich multimedia content and call to action material for the player (e.g. game information and how to play instructions, winning announcements, Jackpots announcements, draw results and social alerts such as responsible gaming messages, weather reports, missing children alerts, etc.).

Also, it incorporates a full set of participation features for the players, allowing them to interact with it in a fast and fully autonomous way. Dreamtouch Smart is enriched with functional features for the retailers that makes their everyday life easier and maximizes sales potential. Also, by integrating a contactless payment module, Dreamtouch Smart allows customers to pay by waving their card or mobile in front of its reader delivering a frictionless and seamless payment experience and it promotes new trends and digital technology inside retail channel.

Due to its compact size, Dreamtouch Smart offers a new level of functionality and convenience especially when installed in hypermarkets, supercenters and groceries stores. It offers enhanced player satisfaction with its functionality, accessibility and rich set of features. It further relieves in-store bottlenecks avoiding long retailer queues, thus increasing player and staff member convenience.

Dreamtouch Smart accommodates the trend of increasingly open floor plans within retail outlets and big stores. The main attraction and key points are its compact size at just 54” height that allows customers to have a greater visibility across the front end of supercenter stores and checkout areas while it has the largest capacity of scratch tickets (up to 25 bins) in the industry. The additional number of scratch games offered by Dreamtouch Smart, compared to any other vending terminal at similar height offered in the market, is estimated to generate increase on average sales revenues.

Dreamtouch Smart is already expanding INTRALOT’s Vending Terminals footprint worldwide following integration within several lotteries’ product portfolio representing a new, exciting sales channel for retail operators that delivers an exciting and rewarding gameplay experience to the player. Modernizing Lotteries in a digital world, INTRALOT revolutionizes the lottery experience in retail with this modern, powerful, and stylish vending machine, designed to boost lottery and retailer revenues by attracting new audiences through numerous locations installations.