INTRALOT Proton-Paving the Way for Terminal Based In-Lane Sales at La Fleur's Magazine, May/June 2020

Proton-Paving the Way for Terminal Based In-Lane Sales

Written by Kylie Reagan, Product Manager, Intralot Inc.

January of 2020 changed the Idaho Lottery’s retail landscape when INTRALOT’s in-lane solution, The Proton™ was introduced. The Proton is a viable tool for new customer acquisition, as well as increasing the purchase rate for sporadic, convenience based or impulse buy players.

A second stop at a vending terminal or Customer Service counter to make a lottery purchase is no longer necessary with the Proton. Players can now complete their lottery purchases in-lane with their grocery items. The Idaho Lottery saw an immense opportunity to present Lottery to their players in a completely new and innovative way, making it convenient for them to play where they want, when they want.

The Proton is an all-in-one terminal that eliminates barriers and distractions and makes the purchasing experience as seamless as buying produce. With its slim design, the Proton fits effortlessly on the lane countertop in any store layout. This solution requires no retailer POS integration, which drastically decreases the time to market.

The Idaho Lottery’s pilot program is taking place in 12 Ridley’s Family Market locations throughout the state. Each terminal saw sales within the first week of installation. For the pilot program, there is a single Proton terminal in the busiest lane at each of the 12 locations.
In addition, there is also a Photon™ clerk terminal at the Customer Service counters for any additional player assistance or reporting needs.

The implemented solution allows players to purchase Quick Pick tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lotto America. The terminal menu displays the most common Quick Pick options on the home screen, as well as a secondary menu, for players who want to purchase other Quick Pick options. Tickets are printed on official lottery paper from the Protons built-in printer. This eliminates any confusion or uneasiness for players, as they receive an identical ticket to what they would purchase at a customer service or vending terminal.

Ridley’s Family Markets have further streamlined the Proton in-lane solution, with the utilization of a PLU code designated to Lottery. Clerks enter the amount purchased for each game under the PLU code, mimicking the clerk journey for produce on their POS system. Players then pay for their lottery purchase in a single transaction with the rest of their items. This eliminates clerk barriers and the hassle of integration with the retailers’ existing POS, thus allowing more convenient sales for lottery partners and their customers.

The introduction of the Proton in-lane prompted the need for increased visibility for the Idaho Lottery. They have utilized a newly introduce smaller, vertical Carmanah jackpot sign, lane signage, clerk buttons, and floor graphics, all of which were embraced and encouraged by Ridley’s ownership.

One of the most critical aspects of an in-lane solution is its visibility and players’ understanding that they can now conveniently purchase tickets when they purchase their goods.

This solution allows Lotteries to enter previously untapped retail environments and build new relationships. The Idaho Lottery Deputy Director of Sales, Larry Polowski, said it best, “The Proton terminal and Vertical Jackpot sign will accomplish the goal of easily making Idaho Lottery jackpot draw games available, in an in-lane environment, with minimal expense of taking up unwarranted space at checkout.”

While it is too early to share results, we have seen sales on each terminal, at times being on par with those at our Photon terminals. Powerball and Mega Millions continue to garner more sales than Lotto America. As we recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic, and see consumer behaviors change, we are realizing the increasing importance of a solution that enables players to make their lottery purchases conveniently in-lane, eliminating the need for a second stop. We are excited for the growth we will see in the coming months and years.

INTRALOT is proud to be the first vendor with a currently selling, fully terminal based, in-lane solution in the United States. We are grateful to our Lottery Partners for their constant hunger for innovation. A huge congratulations to the Idaho Lottery in the successful launch of their newest terminal, and their continued pursuit of an enhanced player experience.