INTRALOT’s Lotos X_PGRI November-December 2019

Spearheading digital transformation and elevating the lottery experience across the globe

by Dimitris Kakos, Group Lotteries & Retail Solutions Director, INTRALOT

Digital transformation is gaining rapid momentum in 2019 and is undoubtedly one of the most significant drivers of change and sustainable growth. The introduction of digital technologies is helping lottery organizations operate more efficiently while is giving them the opportunity to engage and connect with their players like never before, deliver immense customer value; collaborate with a wider array of business partners and on a broad spectrum expand their mindset.  

What is more, the recent technological progress and innovation is driving a new wave of globalization for many industries, including the previously fragmented games-of-chance sector, which is witnessing an increasing influence of technologies in its landscape. A landscape that offers new opportunities but also possess challenges for lottery incumbents, as these rapid technological advancements along with new market entrants are challenging the traditional operating model. Operating in this challenging environment, lotteries need to remain vigilant about the emerging tech trends which are changing the consumer behavior and transforming the business environment.

At INTRALOT, we believe that State-sponsored lotteries must endorse digital transformation so to address these challenges and opportunities while their players deserve to reap the benefits that digital technology brings. For this reason, we have designed a new holistic Lottery platform based on invaluable lottery operator and player insights, acquired through our worldwide engagements as well as through extensive market research. Based on modern technologies and built on a microservices architecture framework, our Lotos X is the first truly "legacy-free” and natively omni-channel lottery solution.

INTRALOT’s Lottery platform has been built around an orchestrator/API gateway layer allowing for flexible and fast API integrations and safeguarding the optimum content & services’ deployment across all channels. As a result, the Lottery Solution remains scalable and easily expandable at all times, ready to integrate with any 3rd party module or service.

With its advanced omni-channel capabilities, INTRALOT’s Lottery platform brings the best from all distribution channels in a single point of control. Focusing on the player experience across channels, it provides feature-rich and extended parametrization capabilities for every channel/touchpoint, as well as a wide range of participation methods. Moreover, Lotos X allows the operator to centrally configure a game, share it in all retail and online channels, and then further customize it to address each touchpoint’s unique business needs. In addition, it enables the Lottery operator to efficiently design, configure, and implement their entire games’ portfolio, while allowing easy configuration and parametrization of any Lottery game in a simplified way and automating the game & draw lifecycle management. All the games for all channels are centrally managed so there is no need for effort duplication while the fragmented management of games and channels is a thing of the past.

Moreover, Lotos X provides fast time-to-market by enabling the operator to change any parameter of a given lottery game on-the-fly. Its architecture allows the change to immediately notify and update all other components in the ecosystem, so as soon as the operator realizes a parameter change, it can be in production mode within the shortest time without a full S/W update.

All above omni-channel capabilities and player focused features, along with maintaining the cornerstone requirements of lotteries for outmost security, integrity, reliability and performance have driven the development of Lots X; it is fully compliant and certified according to the industry’s most stringent standards and is ready to be deployed in every regulated jurisdiction.

INTRALOT is one of the leading players in a changing world of gaming. An innovation-driven company with significant experience and an early adopter of emerging technology trends, that provides state-sponsored lottery operators around the world with future-proof solutions. Over the recent years, the company has invested heavily in the development of a complete portfolio of next-generation lottery and gaming solutions, to underpin our lottery customers’ efforts to modernize and transform their business model. We have designed a new ecosystem of natively omni-channel solutions that focus on offering engaging and unique player experiences across channels.