PhotonX: The Lightning-Fast Performing Terminal_La Fleur’s Jan/Feb 2020


After 26 years of continuous R&D efforts, numerous innovation awards and more than 300,000 lottery terminals deployed worldwide, INTRALOT is widely considered as a trendsetter and innovator in the gaming terminal category. INTRALOT was the first vendor to patent and introduce the camera-based technology to read Lottery playslips, replacing the legacy and fault-prone scanner technology.

Today, we have more than 55k camera-based terminals in the field, the majority of which are our proven PHOTON terminal deployed in 12 countries and 20 jurisdictions around the world.

INTRALOT, continuing to invest on our demonstrated solutions, has developed and is proud to be launching PhotonX, based on our flagship Photon terminal design, value-engineered to deliver powerful performance, more cost efficiencies and a multitude of retailer-centric features.

Terminal Features
PhotonX carries all the features and capabilities inherited from the field-proven PHOTON camera-based terminal, in terms of operational efficiencies, increased uptime and sales productivity while leverages the latest technologies to deliver:

  • the industry’s top performance by incorporating a selectable range of the most powerful Intel multi-core processing units with expandable memory capability
  • the outmost retailer convenience with a wide HD/Full HD bezeless touchscreen 15’’ or larger
  • wireless capability to securely connect peripherals and implement BYOD and proximity marketing initiatives
  • large storage capacity with a range of SSD options
  • retailer convenience with a range of add-on peripherals (i-Button, barcode gun, fingerprint scanner, card readers, etc.) that can be added on the fly
  • in-shop marketing capabilities by supporting playslips/forms of any shape and color, transforming the player experience with special draws and other campaigns
  • more field service efficiencies with a modular design that dramatically reduces field service time
  • maximum comfort and safety to the retailer with its unique “C-shaped” form, re-designed with curved surfaces, rounded edges and corners

Multimedia Capability
Based on our broad operational experience with content-rich games like keno and sports betting and being pioneers in multimedia content delivery in the lottery industry, we have equipped our PhotonX terminal with unparalleled multimedia capability. The new PhotonX carries a powerful multimedia processor which can drive up to 4 screens in total, including a multimedia FHD and even a 4K display, minimizing the need to deploy costly multimedia controllers to deliver rich content in the POS.

Following a 360 approach, INTRALOT, by launching PhotonX, offers a range of benefits for the Lottery Operator, the Retailer and the Player of the retail touchpoint.

PhotonX has been nominated in the International Gaming Awards 2020 for Lottery Product of the Year and it will be proudly demonstrated during ICE 2020 in INTRALOT’s booth #N4-360 along with all next-generation solutions designed to support Lotteries’ step to their digital future.