The future of gaming is not just digital. It is intelligent. INTRALOT has embarked on a holistic approach to Lottery and Betting solutions that reflect the tectonic changes in the digital era both in terms of consumer behavior and in terms of new technology trends for Digital Transformation. As the gaming business transforms from purely retail oriented to a digital centric model, INTRALOT presented in the biannual World Lottery Summit in Buenos Aires, during November 18-22, the new INTRALOT Lottery Solution, based around the newLotos X platform and the new Sports Betting Solution, based around the new Intralot Orion betting platform. They both focus on cross-channel infrastructure and fast go-to-market functionalities along with a modern touchpoint philosophy and reduced costs of ownership.

As Mr. Dimitris Kakos, Group Lotteries & Digital Transformation Director, highlighted in his presentation during WLS, in recent years INTRALOT has invested extensively in next generation products designed to answer all the digital transformation questions for Lotteries.  Evolution is unstoppable and new technologies emerge all the time. The fastest the growth of technology applications the more challenging it is for companies to reach their customer with the best tool for them. The question of today, thus, is which technologies have the power to meet customers’ needs.

Lotteries need to adopt new technologies timely and deliver rich experiences to players embracing the cornerstone requirements of integrity, security and fiscal accountability, thus moving away from the linear business model towards an intelligent platform model. Operators in the gaming market, are seeking for technology innovations to define a new gaming era that will offer seamless and personalized experiences to players. These goals require modern IT architectures, open APIs and big data utilization to take center stage in the new Lottery ecosystem and adopt an agile methodology approach.

Taking into consideration primarily customer experience and through an innovative modular architecture, INTRALOT offers a holistic, a true omni-channel player experience, with its new Lottery Platform Lotos X, the most parametrical Games and Draw Management platform in the Lottery Industry.

Lotos X empowers lottery operators to design, configure and implement their entire gaming offering while minimizing cost, training needs and time-to-market. It incorporates future-proof state-of-the-art technology, allowing games to be served through multiple touchpoints and utilizes the latest advances in cashless and in-lane technologies, self-service and vending terminals and mobile devices. Placing the player at the center, Lotos X is here to offer an entertaining and emotionally rich interaction, fulfilling all the needs of the end user.

On the front of sports betting, INTRALOT presented INTRALOT Orion, its next-generation, feature-rich and versatile sports betting platform. INTRALOT Orion sits at the heart of a holistic Sports Betting Solution that incorporates managed trading services and a wide portfolio of terminals, both for the player and for the retailer, tailored to the needs of each sports betting operation.  The platform serves the entire player journey across channels with a rich set of bet features, while it enables parametrization of the sports betting content and differentiated risk management on a per-channel basis.

The INTRALOT sports betting platform was built as an open system to easily integrate both with 3rd-party software and with the Lottery platform, to provide cross-selling opportunities and economies of scale to State Lotteries in the United States.

INTRALOT Orion and Lotos X can be optionally enhanced with CMS marketing tools and PAM platforms, which carry the latest security and transparency features, KYC and geo-fencing, and payment provider integration capabilities.

During WLS 2018, INTRALOT also presented its latest advances in terminal technology with unique camera features and cashless payment capabilities. Among them, Photon, industry’s leading lottery terminal and the first full-size retailer terminal to successfully utilize image scanning technology for reading play slips and barcodes of any kind, and Proton, the next-generation all-in-one lottery terminal for limited space applications are part of a full retail POS ecosystem for C-stores and Sports Betting parlors.

In Vending and Self-service terminals, INTRALOT presented the DREAMTOUCH Lite X, an innovative gaming kiosk designed to create a compelling user experience. Its 32’’ Full High Definition inclined touchscreen in portrait orientation redefines players’ experience, resembling personalized gaming experience that is usually provided via handheld mobile devices. DREAMTOUCH Lite X is hosting Tapn’Bet innovative concept of prefilled bet-slips that makes gaming easy and fun for any player.

Finally, in the Systems area, INTRALOT specialists offered insights and experiences around a player-centric approach of products such as INTRALOT Player Pulse, the CRM that creates loyal relationships with players for increased lifetime value through a set of unique features. INTRALOT Retailer Pulse is the next generation retailer relationship management system offering 360o-control in managing all operational aspects of retailers, increasing their commitment and optimizing their performance.