The importance of building customer-centric, omni-channel Sports Betting platforms at La Fleur's Magazine, Sept/Oct 2020

Nowadays, we are experiencing the emergence of a new generation of even more demanding, confident and empowered consumers. Even during a period of economic uncertainty, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 impact, consumers seek new tools and behaviors to empower them to consume on their own terms. INTRALOT has leveraged its worldwide, in-field experience of over 25 years in Sports Betting operations around the world, for the development of INTRALOT Orion; its next-generation Sports Betting platform, which offers a truly connected customer experience to these modern empowered consumers.

INTRALOT Orion was developed based on a fully customer-centric, transformation philosophy. A true customer-centric transformation, which entails both operational and IT improvements, as well as a fundamental change of mindset within the organization, can create uplift in customer satisfaction, improvement in employee satisfaction, and added value for the organization. Thus, in order to cover the needs of the highly demanding Sports Betting industry the platform serves the entire player journey, while boosting the customer experience by engaging a full set of market-leading, turnkey wagering solutions with parametrized content.

INTRALOT Orion provides the operator with the ability to offer a wide range of markets and wager types to meet any bespoke customer requirements. Moreover, it offers the most complete cash-out suite including full, partial and automated cash-out options a market-leading campaign management tool which enables a wide range of personalized bonuses and campaigns, as well as a highly sophisticated bet builder feature. A set of personalized options for the customers, engaging differentiated wagering solutions, for both registered and unregistered punters across the channels, are serving towards the optimization of the player engagement and the maximization of the players’ lifetime value and brand loyalty. Additionally, the platform allows the user to build a customized Sports Betting product tailored as per local betting habits, with unique Sports, Events, Bet Limits, Pricing and Profit margin structure.

The concept of the omnichannel experience the cross channel content strategy that companies use to improve their user experience, cater to their customers’ preferences and drive better relationships with them across all points of contact has been around for years. However, customer expectations keep changing and empowered customers increasingly expect consistent information to be available, regardless of the touchpoint they choose to engage with. INTRALOT Orion provides a seamless Sports Betting experience across all channels, full content lifetime cycle automation for continued and consistent offering, cutting-edge technology and AI modelling to deliver the highest level of customization. Thus, it allows the online and offline worlds to seamlessly merge and gives punters the opportunity to seamlessly switch between channels and blur the boundaries between devices and spaces.

INTRALOT Orion constitutes a single point of control of all the player touchpoints, including retailers’ terminals, desktop, native mobile applications and self-service terminals. One of the platform’s key advantages is the fact that it is a multi-feed-ready platform, which is built as an open system, thus allowing the operator to integrate the platform with 3rd-party software, creating best-of-breed solutions, according to each operator’s strategy.

One of the main success drivers of big brands is their ability to rapidly expand their product offering, while always prioritizing consumer needs. With INTRALOT Orion, the operator can offer a huge variety of predefined or manually created global Sports events, athletic contests, racing, virtual and pre-recorded games, as well as their accompanying markets and odds (both regarding pre-match and in-play betting). At the same time, a rich set of advanced Trading Tools enables the operator to effectively balance product attractiveness with maximum profitability for fixed odds betting operations. Differentiated offering, pricing and risk management is supported not only per channel, but also per sport, event or tournament, allowing the operators to fully control the margins, better handle their exposure and optimize their pricing.

“Nowadays, more than ever we need to design and develop solutions that elevate the customer experience across channels,” said Chris Chrisostomidis, VP, Sales, INTRALOT Group.

INTRALOT Orion is the next generation Sports Betting platform that was developed to achieve structural excellence (robust architecture, performance quality, operational efficiency and wide range of unique functionalities), while empowering Sports Betting operators to adapt to the irreversible transfer of power from brand to customer (customer-centric character, personalization options and true omnichannel capabilities) and satisfy the most demanding Sports Betting audience and markets.— Written by Chris Chrisostomidis, VP, Sales, INTRALOTGroup