INTRALOT announces that GIDANI (Pty) Ltd, in which its subsidiary INTRALOT South Africa is an equity member, has been awarded the License to operate the National Lottery of South Africa.

The award has been announced after a 6 months’ thorough process of re-examining the shareholding structure of the applicants, that have been bidding for the new National Lottery License, by the Minister of Trade and Industry, following the decision of the competent court to set the license aside on March 5.

It is reminded that GIDANI was chosen after an international tender. Despite the long delay, GIDANI has maintained its readiness and therefore will be able to start immediately the operations of the National Lottery.

The duration of the new License is seven (7) years and eight (8) months. It is expected that GIDANI will achieve much better results than the previous annual revenues of about €440m, through its advanced technology, the superior know how, the new gaming content and the rapid expansion of its network.

INTRALOT South Africa, in which INTRALOT S.A. is the majority shareholder, is currently the biggest shareholder of GIDANI and will become the second major one, after the South African Government exercises its option to join the company as a shareholder. The other shareholders of GIDANI -based upon the local regulations for Black Economic Empowerment- are local companies coming mainly from the Investment industry and the NGO space.

INTRALOT is the provider of the necessary Technology and Services for the implementation and support of the overall National Lottery project. INTRALOT has procured, installed and will support the operation of the advanced integrated gaming total solution which includes an initial installation of more than 7.500 CORONIS terminals and their peripherals, the operating system “LOTOS” and the telecommunications infrastructure needed for the smooth operation of the network. Within the first 3 years of operation, the retailer network of GIDANI will increase to approximately 11.000 PoS.

INTRALOT has, also, supported extensively all the necessary training on the use of the new terminals, gaming software, as well as, on client services’ best practices and transactions’ safety to the retailers across the country. In a short period of time, 27.000 individuals were trained by 100 trainers in 103 venues around the country as well as in in-shop training sessions.

GIDANI is expected to bring new dynamics in the local gaming market and broader economy. The facts speak for themselves:

  • The Lottery’s operation will be inaugurated with a network of 7626 retailers and the plan is to grow by at least 3.000 additional PoS within the first 3 years of operation.
  • The Lottery will be present everywhere, in all Magisterial districts in South Africa, through at least two retailers in each district.
  • The retailers’ network is already fully expanded not only in conventional lottery shops but also in convenience stores, post offices, supermarkets, cafes and fast-food type stores and general trade shops.
  • GIDANI will offer retailers a significant improvement in their profitability, through better commissions and lower costs of doing the Lottery business.
  • During GIDANI’s operation of the National Lottery, Good Causes will benefit by a very significant increase of the contribution they get from the lottery operation.

INTRALOT S.A. CEO, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos stated: “GIDANI has been fairly re-named the new National Lottery Operator of South Africa, as it carries proven and sound national and worldwide experiences, through its local shareholders and its international partner, INTRALOT. We commit ourselves to contribute to the best operation of the South African Lottery and to create a valuable and mutually profitable collaboration with our GIDANI Partners in order to deliver significant benefits to the National Lottery and new exciting gaming experiences to the citizens of South Africa”.



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