ANNOUNCEMENT (25/09/2012)

An announcement of Totolotek, INTRALOT's subsidiary in Poland, follows:

“The Polish Ministry of Finance, the Government organization responsible for gaming in the country, has decided to withdraw the betting licenses of Totolotek based on an opinion, which Totolotek considers legally unfounded, that part of its customer loyalty scheme (named “e-promocja”) that was based on web applications, resembled an unauthorized at that time, but allowed by law since January 2012, Internet betting operation.

Totolotek has always acted according to the law and the provisions of Ministry of Finance throughout all its 20 year operation. The company and its legal advisors consider that the loyalty scheme was in conformity with the Polish Law and worldwide best business practices. To this end, and in order to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders, Totolotek will take all necessary actions and measures in order to protect its rights and allow it to restore its operations.”

Totolotek contributes approximately 1% to the INTRALOT Group Ebitda and, for the time being, its POS network will continue to offer the other products and services of Totolotek.