Announcement Regarding the Result of the Spor Toto Tender in Turkey

Following a relevant request of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission dated March 1, 2019 (no 903), and our announcement dated February 14, 2019, INTRALOT informs the investor community that our 45% owned subsidiary in Turkey, İnteltek, has been notified that the tender of Spor Toto State Organization for the management of Sports Betting has been concluded. The tender was awarded to the other bidder.

Inteltek contributed on a continuing operations basis (excluding our operation in Azerbaijan) about 15% of Intralot Group consolidated EBITDA (€21.3m), as well as about 4% of consolidated Sale Proceeds (€39.3m) for the last twelve months period ended September 30th, 2018, while its 2019 contribution is expected to be lower considering our ongoing contract and the transfer process.

Also, Bilyoner's contribution for the same period represents about 11% of the consolidated EBITDA of the Group (€14.7 million), and about 5% of consolidated Sale Proceeds (€49.6 million).

INTELTEK, which has been operating İddaa game since 2004, has been one of the greatest supporters of the sports in Turkey since its establishment and continues to manage the current IDDAA betting license with a contract expiring on 28/08/2019.

With respect to the tender process, our rights stemming from the law will be exercised by Inteltek within the respective time frame.