INTRALOT S.A. announces, according to article 16, Law 2190/1920, article 4,1,4,2 of the regulation of ATHEX and based on the resolution of the Shareholder’s Annual General Meeting which took place on the 26.05.2016, that a shares buy – back  program by the company of up to 10% of its paid share capital each time, taking into account the shares which may have been acquired and held by the Company (in the amount of 560,648 shares as of today, that is 0.35% of its share capital), for a 24 months time period with effect from 11.06.2016 and until 11.06.2018, with a minimum price of €1 and maximum price of €12, is approved. Also it is approved that the own shares which will eventually be acquired may be held for future acquisition of shares of another company.